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Sniffy best dog food for your furry friend’s nutritional needs

New Delhi: Sniffy is an increasingly popular pet food choice among dog lovers for its versatility. Designed in collaboration with pet nutritionists and expert veterinaries, it is a product of Pet Care by Rossari that brings a comprehensive range of nutritional pet food for all dog breeds.

Sniffy’s highly digestible protein is completely additive-free with 60% fresh ingredients from animal sources and 40% plant-based sources such as Veggies, Fruits and Non-GMO Rice. This wholesome dog food uses fresh gluten-free wholegrain oatmeal to fulfil the daily fiber requirements instead of soy or wheat.

Rich in EPA, DHA, Salmon Oil-based Omega-3 fatty acids, and Amino and Folic Acids, Sniffy guarantees that your puppy grows into an adult with healthy joints, skin and coat. The addition of dried beet pulp improves colon health and digestion. To improve vitamin and mineral intake in the body, Sniffy uses the unique recipe of dried brewer’s yeast. 

A response in the small intestine when dogs cannot digest gluten-containing meals can cause the immune system to assault the gastrointestinal tract, causing intestinal lining damage. Gluten-free dog food has more protein than carbs, which is helpful to dogs’ digestive systems and improves skin health.

Carefully designed by highly qualified animal nutritionists, the vital nutrients in this well-balanced dog food offer:

  • Gut Health Support
  • Immunity System Support
  • Balanced Growth Support
  • Bones & Joints Health Support
  • Lustrous Skin & Coat Support

To meet the changing nutrient needs of dogs, Sniffy is available in 3 packs.

  1. The Sniffy Starter Pack energizes moms during pregnancy and lactation. Packed with 32% protein, 22% fat and 3.5% fibre, the formula is specially designed to cater to the elevated metabolism of the mother. Such food can keep breastfeeding moms and weaning puppies fuller for longer, which is crucial for their nutritional and energy requirements. This recipe also improves brain and eye development in weaning puppies.
  2. If your puppy is 3 to 12 months old, The Sniffy Puppy Pack fits its diet. The pack empowers physical and immunity development for the young, thanks to its 30% protein, 18% fat and a maximum fiber content of 3%. Rich in Vitamin E, C and Selenium, the puppy pack ensures your puppy will grow into a strong adult dog.
  3. For large, high-energy dogs with heavy diets, one must be careful not to let weight become an issue. The Sniffy Adult Pack is soy-free, and low grain to ensure ideal body weight management and not let obesity become an issue. The pack contains optimum levels of EPA, DHA, Omega 3 & 6. Dog food like Sniffy, without corn, wheat, or soy, is rich in meat and fish protein, providing your dog with more energy. To support ageing dogs, the adult formula also improves bone and joint health with the help of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate, Calcium and Vitamin D.

Slow-cooked to perfection with poultry fat, Sniffy is available in two delightful nutrient-packed recipes: 

  • Salmon & Egg – Enriched with 60% Whole Salmon, 20% Vegetables & Fruits, and 20% Non-GMO Rice
  • Chicken & Egg – Enriched with 60% Whole chicken ingredients, 20% Vegetables & Fruits, and 20% Non-GMO Rice

A highly palatable yet balanced diet for puppies, adults, and mother dogs. With Sniffy in the regular diet, you can stop worrying about the health and development of your dog in every stage of its life.