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Skye Air mobility raises USD 1.7 Million

New Delhi: Skye Air Mobility, India’s leading drone delivery technology company, announced the completion of its Seed Round of USD 1.7million, led by Chiratae Ventures. The round also saw participation from Lead Angels, O2 Angels, Agility Ventures, Lets Venture and several marquee investors, including Rajeev Chitrabhanu, Ankit Nagori, Varun Alagh, Gautam Badalia, Ayush Lohia and others. 

India is an attractive market for drone start-ups as the country is very progressive regarding integrating drones into everyday life. 2021 has been a promising year for UAVs as it created an optimistic environment by introducing new drone rules and the PLI scheme. The Indian drone delivery industry potential stands at USD 18 Billion(in first and last-mile segments) and is growing at an exceptional rate. 

Skye Air has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few months with addition of numerous clients and partnerships with State Governments to expand the business. The company is currently operating in 8 cities across the country and plans to expand to 16citiesinthenext24months. 

The investment will be used to bring greater efficiency to different verticals by allowing faster deliveries, reduced carbon emission, and reduced cost, and increased accessibility to locations that are difficult to reach by road or where there is no connectivity at all. Businesses across various industries have begun to see the benefits of incorporating drones into their operations, such as cost savings, time savings,and technological breakthroughs. 

“This investment comes at a time when we are intensifying our efforts to expand our services and collaborations in the Indian market. We are convinced that the new funding will facilitate our team to open untouched channels, allowing us to bring drone delivery services to more customers in India and beyond. We also believe the investment, which is so far the largest in the delivery-focused drone segment, is a testament to the fact that Skye Air is leading the way of drone delivery technology in the country with its proprietary SaaS technology. 

It is also noteworthy to mention, At Skye Air, our core aim is to enable change and bring the much-needed disruption in the first & last-mile logistics industry to move faster and more efficiently. Skye Air is proactively working in the healthcare, quick commerce and eCommerce verticals, enabling solutions for faster and cost-effective deliveries, and with the new round of funding, we aim to make drone delivery a main stream solution.” says Ankit Kumar, CEO of, Skye Air Mobility  

We are excited to partner with Skye Air Mobility to disrupt the first & last mile logistics in an efficient and climate-friendly manner, beginning with the Healthcare domain and expanding into other sectors with its logistics and SaaS solutions,” said MandeepJulka, Vice President -Investments, ChirataeVentures 

Only a handful of companies in the much-hyped drone ecosystem has a robust, scalable solution and necessary domain knowledge. We saw that Skye Air was exceptional on both these accounts, and which drove our investment decision, said Sushanto Mitra, CEO & Founder of Lead Angels. 

O2 Angel Network, investment bankers backed a Deep-Tech focused angel network, identified Skye Air as a category creator within the drone ecosystem. We were impressed with the team’s domain knowledge and experience. Thus, O2 Angel found Skye Air to be a perfect partner for its new-age Angel investors with the visionary founders, said Rajesh Ranjan, Founder O2Angel Network. 

“Dronedeliveryisincreasinglygaininggroundacrosslogisticsproviderstotackleinefficienciesinlastmiledeliveryandisexpectedtogrowatmorethan50%CAGRoverthenextsixyears.We believe Skye Air has an ahead start in the same and is poised to be a leader in the industry,” said DhianuDas, Founder, AgilityVentures. 

About Skye Air:

Skye Air is India’s leading drone delivery company based in Hyderabad and Gurgaon. The company is focused on streamlining drone deliveries as a mainstream logistics solution for healthcare, e-commerce, quick commerce, agri-commodity and other industries. Skye Air has completed over 2200+ BVLOS flights delivering over 720,000 packages of products covering an aerial distance of 11800+Kms. 

The company is marking its monopoly in 8 cities across India, working with clients like Flipkart, Dunzo, Swiggy, RedcliffeLabs, AsterHealthcare, BlueDart, Cure Foods and many others. The company’s mission is to enable faster, sustainable, cost-effective and efficient deliveries across verticals and bring in the rightful impact to reduce TAT for its clients. 

The company has also conducted the World’s longest BVLOS medicine delivery flight with Flipkart Health of, 104 km between Baruipur and Medinipur in West Bengal, delivering medicines and reducing the delivery time by 80% compared to conventional means. 

Using its drone delivery technology, the company has penetrated various urban, semi-urban, and remote areas of the country.