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SELFIEERA, Atmanirbhar Bharat ki Apni Technology

New Delhi: Selfieera is an Indian social networking platform, a fast-growing Bangalore-based start-up company. We are proud to be an “Atmanirbhar Bharath ki Apni Technology”.

Selfieera is a fastest growing Indian social networking platform, recently achieving the milestone of reaching more than 2.5 Lac users in the shortest span of time. A dazzling social networking platform built with innovative technology and features provides its users a plethora of features.

One of the prominent features of Selfieera is that users can get autographs of celebrities and dignities. Moreover, users can broadcast radio in any language of their choice, which is shareable with the Selfieera community anywhere in the world. Users can also share images, upload short videos, and stream them. It also provides unique grid layouts for uploading and making videos through awesome Selfieera Lenses and filters. With Selfieera, a short video creation app you can create content on and share it with your audience, A boon for an influencer and content Maker.

Here you can shape your content and witness unending delight from all our clans. By fusing the latest science and technology, Selfieera promotes rapid innovation in the digital sphere.

Entertainment Video:

Looking for Some Fun ! You have reached your destination. Here you can watch non-stop hilariously funny videos. Unending and unfiltered laughter begins here. Laugh and enjoy with friends and family. We have one life so stay happy and keep yourself elated at all times. Selfieera is a platform where we can watch unlimited short/Entertaining videos.


Yes! You can record your stories and tell others via the radio feature, do you want to watch something crazy, thriller, adventure or horror is your taste; then you are at the right spot. You can get your stories heard and shared where you have a dedicated waiting for your piece of art. We believe in you and your creativity. Some of your stories will create history and break all records. Selfieera so far, is a platform for everyone to have equal rights. This world is full of audiences who are waiting to embrace you and your stories with open arms.

WhatsApp Status:

Watch videos or edit and customize your videos how you want. Yes, you can groom them and make the coolest videos right here! Make videos and get famous!

Autograph :

Digital signature in a digital world.

You might have seen a lot in the world of technology and entertainment, but Today we are going to present something different, for which we are trying to give you an innovative platform to connect to everyone on a single platform, and that is Selfieera. Selfieera has a unique feature that can improve the relationship between fans and stars (celebrities), and that feature is autographed without pen and paper. With just 1 click, you can send an Autograph request to your favourite celebrity and an approval request you will get simultaneously.

Latest updates :

The camera is an integral part of our lives today. Our team constantly works to give the best experience possible to users through enhanced camera features and to develop tremendous filters and editorial effects where users can make short videos in their respective languages. We have even

added more music across all the languages for a better experience. Our team has worked on this and designed the best effects and filters. Users can also access the most recent news on the platform. has been integrated with our mobile application. Here, users can share their autobiographies with other users and looks at the lives of the idolized figures they most admire.

Selfieera is upgrading new features in the camera for making shorts with pear, fresh, bright camera filters or do a duet of videos.

Selfieera is “Atmanirbhar Bharath ki Apni Technology”. Our Mission and Vision are “Connecting the World” and making human communication much easier for the user experience on powerful media to entertain everyone memorably. We provide radio broadcasting in the regional language of the user’s choice.

Selfieera discovers human interest very closely with every aspect of their lifestyle, which drives them to deliver the best in the B2C Global market. We understand that people love authenticity, the fastest way to connect to human minds. We constantly engage with directing much-wanted traffic back to our platform. We are developing our App with well-experienced Software Engineers, Web Developers, Data Scientists and Graphic Designers. We have developed, and, also we have developed our own product called ‘Bangalore Font’. We are offering our service to the customer for entertainment with millions of videos, Comedy, News, Information and Technology. Our users can write their autobiography on our selfietextbook web page.

Our motto is to keep everyone happy, laughing and having fun forever. “With every touch, we deliver happiness” through our App.