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Navitas Solar: One of the Leading Solar Module Manufacturers

Currently, annual manufacturing capacity of backwards-integrated EVA sheet is 800mw; by 2025 company plans to increase it to 3GW.

Conserve, Sustain and Flourish. Utilizing the renewable source of solar energy and harnessing its goodness in the form of solar panels was the primary idea behind the inception of this brainchild collectively by 5 dedicated individuals, namely, Vineet Mittal, Sunay Shah, Ankit Singhania, Aditya Singhania, and Saurabh Aggarwal. At the time of Navitas’ inception back in 2013, not many solar module manufacturers were available in the Indian market. Today, Navitas Solar is one of India’s leading solar module manufacturers. Besides manufacturing solar panels and EVA sheets, the carbon-neutral company also facilitates turnkey EPC services. It is noteworthy that Navitas Solar is one of the few solar module manufacturing companies in the country with both backward and forward integration.

Navitas Solar manufactures high-efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules ranging from 5 watts to 600 watts per panel with an annual production capacity of 500 MW. The company has in-house QA and QC labs. With competitive, hardworking and skilled professionals who constantly strive to improve the quality of Navita’s products and services, it has dedicated research and development.

Moreover, the company operates a backwards-integrated EVA sheet manufacturing business, Navitas Alpha Renewables Pvt. Ltd. (NARPL), with an annual manufacturing capacity of 800 MW, which will soon be upgraded to 2 GW. Keeping in mind the increasing demand for solar modules in the market, the company plans to increase its capacity to 3 GW by 2025.

The company recently launched Bonito, a powerful Mono PERC half-cut solar module series. It is currently available in two series: Bonito Pro and Bonito Max. Bonito Pro is available in 9 BB in 144 and 156 cells, potentially generating 435-500 watts. Bonito Max is available in 10 BB in 144 and 156 cells and can successfully generate 530 -600 watts of power with an efficiency of 21.67%. The Bonito Series of Mono PERC half-cut solar modules is ideal for large-scale installations. The module is constructed with a white back sheet, tempered glass 3.2 mm thick and anti-reflective glass, and a silver and anodized aluminium alloy frame. As a solar module, Bonito holds strong features like better shading tolerance, high power, lower LCOE and system cost, excellent temperature performance, etc. The half-cut technology reduces the overall cost of a solar system, ensuring a lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

Navitas Solar also manufactures Multi Crystalline Modules and Mono PERC Modules under the Navisol series, a versatile range of modules making solar energy adaptable to varied needs, with optimum flexibility and quality. Multi Crystalline Modules are capable of generating power of 330-345 Watts. Mono PERC Modules can generate the power of 400 Watts and provide higher output and performance capabilities even in low light conditions, making switching solar easier than ever. Both the modules in the Navisol series are ideal for large-scale and rooftop installations; they provide excellent glass efficiency with anti-reflective coating, improved low-light performance, excellent temperature performance, and high power. The mentioned modules are binned by current to improve system performance.

Navitas Solar’s vision is to become India’s most reliable solar energy provider by 2025. Navitas Group has clocked over INR 162 Cr in FY22 and has plans to reach INR 2000 Cr in revenue by FY25. The next phase of expansion at Navitas Solar will take us to 3 GW by 2025.