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Campus-to-Career Conclave by : 15 cities movement

It aims to improve the staggering <45% employability numbers for freshers!

World cafe conversations is an unconventional discussion format to foster effective dialogues – an attempt to redefine and provide meaningful careers for 5 lakhs+ students by 2026!

New Delhi: In an attempt to bring stakeholders from Industry and Academia and curate meaningful dialogues to improve employability across the country,’s EdTech platform is organizing a 15-city Campus-to-Career Conclave. It’s an exclusive by-invite forum led by CHROs, Talent Acquisition heads and leading academicians. To capture the voice of the industry and academics and initiate inclusive dialogues in real-time, the company has planned a first-of-its-kind brainstorming session in a World Cafe-style brainstorming format of no ppts and pure conversations around future skills, placements, building a talent pipeline, and more. 

Research indicates that less than 45% of freshers are truly employable, leading to a big gap between talent demands in industry and academia’s preparedness to respond. Under the aegis of, is on a mission to provide meaningful careers to 5 lacs students and improve the concerning employability numbers by 2026. This movement will reach 15 cities in the next 3 months (starting from Mumbai on 10th December 2022) to initiate dialogues, build meaningful conversations and lay down action points for all stakeholders. 

The conclave is planned across Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon-Noida, Jaipur, Surat, Nasik, Kanpur, Coimbatore, Trichy, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Hubli/ Dharwad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Baroda and each of these regions will see representations from more than 100 organizations, Graduate and MBA schools.

Speaking on this, Meenu Bhatia, Co-founder of, says “There is an urgent need to address the growing employability challenge that academic institutions are facing today. At the same time, with organizations strengthening their hiring plans across smaller and larger cities alike, we feel the time is apt to bring the two stakeholders together and have them engage in constructive dialogue on how this partnership can be built meaningfully. Our inclusive method of World Café brainstorming will ensure all voices are heard and participants go back with a crisp plan of action to further this agenda.”