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Agriplast Tech India Pvt Ltd: India’s No. 1 Hi-tech Agriculture Brand

Bangalore: Agriculture has always been the backbone of India. With over 54% of its population engaged in agricultural and allied sector jobs, India is one of the largest agricultural economies in the world. However, Indian farmers go through several hardships yearly to grow healthy and adequate crops. From inadequate resources to facing nature’s wrath, many farmers end up suffering losses due to insufficient production.  

Aligned with the Govt of India’s Vision of doubling the number of farmers, Agriplast’s hi-tech farming venture produces quality products for greenhouses, net houses, and open-field farming, while providing holistic agronomy support to its farmers across the country. 

To help farmers overcome unfavourable natural threats, Agriplast provides products like Ginegar Greenhouse Films, mulch, weed mats, greenhouse accessories, shading solutions, anti-drip clear film, and more. All their products are designed to provide optimum growing conditions to the crops. For instance, the Ginegar Greenhouse Polyfilm contains unique mechanical, thermal, and optical properties to protect crops and enhance their growth.  

A company that has created its niche as India’s leading hi-tech domain comes from a humble beginning. A unit that is now set up on an owned plot of 1,00,000 sqft with a covered area of 25,000 sqft started its journey in a garage meant for a small car. Mr. Rajeeb Kumar Roy founded Agriplast in 2004. After completing B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth and M.Tech in Post-Harvest Technology from IIT Kharagpur, Mr. Roy landed his first job at an irrigation systems company. Despite being underpaid (a salary of ₹3,000), he gave his heart and soul to whatever he did. 

However, working a stagnant corporate job was never Mr. Roy’s true calling. Risking his career, he travelled worldwide and reached out to farmers from different topographies to understand their issues and requirements. Despite his technical expertise in post-harvest technology, he never hesitated to work in the fields to understand the ground reality of what farmers go through daily. While struggling with resources, he finally took a leap of faith in 2004 by laying the foundation of Agriplast Tech India, and the rest is history! 

Before setting up Agriplast, Mr. Roy worked as a Director of Marketing (India) at Israel’s Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd. During his tenure, he successfully made Ginegar a household name in India. This association helped Mr. Roy secure a valuable investment from Ginegar Plastic Products, Israel, to build high-quality products without compromising.  

Looking back at his illustrious journey of setting up Agriplast Tech India, Mr. Roy believes that all the toil and trouble was worth the results he sees today. He says, “The knowledge you acquire is real only if you use it for value creation. If you have the zeal to fight for your dreams and make people’s lives better, no hurdle will be big enough to stop you!