De Space Interiors is a concept that started with the home of the co-founders Dev and Akshata and their dream to accomplish a functional home with aesthetics to balance the look and feel of the space in an optimized way. It was founded in 2010 after Akshata designed their first home on a minimal contemporary theme and at a shoestring budget. The home interiors earned a lot of accolades and led to enquiries and clients signing up. Each client propagated De Space with word of mouth and referrals. Let’s have a deep insight into their venture.

Q. Give us insight into the De Space. 

De Space has executed more than 700 residential interior projects to date. Our USP is our customized designs. We at De Space believe that each space is unique and needs to be treated differently. Hence, each project of ours is executed keeping in mind the customer’s requirements, their personality/lifestyle and the space available.

We strongly believe in “form follows function” and work towards optimizing the maximum out of the space available. De Space constantly strives to create innovative, out of the box solutions for one’s space and storage needs. We also focus a lot on Client Experience and ensure they have a smooth experience while executing their interiors.Q. What drives you to choose entrepreneurship over a job? 

Before De Space, I have been a part of the corporate world for 13 years and Akshata for a period of 6 years. While we both enjoyed our corporate careers, it was the zeal of doing something on our own that made us begin our entrepreneurial journey. I specialized in sales, marketing and operations, while Akshata’s core competence was designing. Together, we are confident that this was a perfect combination for running a business smoothly and profitably.

Q. What makes De Space stand out from its competitors?

De Space offers turnkey interior designing solutions to resident owners. There is a lot of focus on space planning, something that is a challenge for the majority of homeowners. Every project is treated as unique, and there are no standard designs on offer at all. The designs are prepared after a thorough understanding of the space available, as well as understanding the client’s requirements at length. Apart from this, there is a strong focus on client experience. We have invested a lot in building a strong team at the backend, comprising skilled labor project managers that have helped us in delivering quality service to our clients.

Q. What are the challenges you faced during the journey? 

An organization cannot become big only by the efforts of its founding team; it requires an extremely strong team of people who believe in the vision of the founders and walk on the same path as theirs. Like any other company, we also faced the challenge of having the right set of people supporting us. Hence, in our early years of inception, we decided not to grow exponentially; instead, we focused on creating a team that would understand our vision. It took a bit of time, but it helped us to stay afloat in the long run.

Q. Where do you envision your venture in the coming years?

We are working on a plan to expand to a few more cities. To achieve the same, our first objective is to hire competent resources in these cities to ensure that we are prepared to offer high quality solutions from day one. We will launch our services outside Bangalore only when we are confident that we have the right team to represent in a particular city.

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