New Delhi: The Academy of Vedic Vidya (AVV), a renowned institution dedicated to preserving and imparting Vedic Science and occult knowledge, launched a new course, “Professional Graphology.” This new addition to their comprehensive curriculum opens doors to the captivating world of handwriting analysis, offering students a chance to explore hidden personality traits, emotions, and insights into health and relationships through the art and science of Graphology.

Graphology, the study of handwriting and its psychological implications, has long been a subject of fascination and intrigue. The Academy of Vedic Vidya recognizes the significance of this field and is excited to provide a platform for beginners and experienced individuals to delve into this transformative program.

Diksha Katyal, Co-founder of the Academy of Vedic Vidya, expressed her views on the new course, stating, “Graphology is a remarkable science that offers valuable insights into human behaviour and personality. We are thrilled to introduce ‘Professional Graphology’ to our curriculum, enabling our students to acquire a unique skill set that can benefit them personally and professionally.”

The “Professional Graphology” course covers various topics, from the basics and history of Graphology to advanced techniques such as Signature Analysis and Color Psychology. This comprehensive program allows students to understand how handwriting can reveal the inner workings of an individual’s mind. Whether one seeks personal growth or wishes to add a valuable skill to one’s professional credentials, Vedic Vidya’s Graphology course promises exciting insights and practical knowledge upon its completion.

The course is open to diverse individuals, including students, homemakers, working professionals, analysts, trainers, and therapists. The only eligibility criteria are an open mind and a commitment to invest time and effort into understanding and applying Handwriting Analysis principles.

With 100% live online classes, students can access this transformative knowledge from the comfort of their homes. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a professional certification and one-on-one mentorship, providing them with the guidance and support needed to excel in Graphology. Additionally, the Academy offers self-employment support, enabling graduates to start their professional practice.

About the Academy of Vedic Vidya:

The Academy of Vedic Vidya is a specialized institution that empowers students with the wisdom of Vedic science and occult knowledge. Through comprehensive online courses and workshops, we preserve ancient traditions while making them accessible and relevant in the modern world. Our vision is to revolutionize the perception of Vedic Science globally, creating a network of knowledgeable practitioners who positively impact individual lives.

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