New Delhi: United We Care (UWC) is ushering in a new era of mental health support with the launch of Stella 2.0, a transformative shift from Generative AI to Cognitive AI. This groundbreaking virtual global wellness coach is designed to address the escalating mental health crisis worldwide and brings significant advancements to the Indian AI and Deep Tech landscape.

Stella can interact in over 20+ languages, detect around 40+ human emotions, and has a world-class intent detection with over 94% efficacy. UWC aims to make mental health support more accessible and affordable for millions of individuals in India. Stella 2.0 engages users on a deeper level while ensuring that it remains cost-effective, reducing the financial burden on healthcare systems, caregivers, enterprises, and individuals at large. Stella 2.0 has been tested over 30 Billion parameters.

Ravi Kikan, CMO of United We Care, added, “We are thrilled to introduce Stella 2.0, a paradigm-shifting leap in mental health technology. This transformative virtual coach not only marks a significant advancement in accessibility and affordability but also paves the way for a future where cutting-edge AI meets the critical needs of mental well-being across various stakeholders. The journey ahead promises innovation, empathy, and a holistic approach to shaping the future of mental health care.”

Stella 2.0’s impact is not merely technological but extends to addressing key metrics of mental well-being. UWC boasts an impressive 5X more engagement compared to the traditional 1-2% seen in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) adoption. The virtual coach is supported by a team of over 100 renowned, trained, and qualified mental health professionals, including psychologists, therapists, and counselors. This ensures users receive expert guidance and support with a human touch.

User feedback on Stella 2.0 has been overwhelmingly positive and can assist consumers in building personalized, tailored journeys, which are pivotal. The global virtual coach also achieves clinical diagnoses by providing users with accurate and reliable assessments. Notably, 75% of users reported positive changes in their sleeping patterns after using Stella, showcasing the holistic approach of the virtual coach towards mental well-being.

About United We Care:

United We Care is an innovative deep-tech company dedicated to revolutionizing mental health and emotional wellness, which covers the entire spectrum of holistic care from Diagnostics, Clinical Intervention, and Self Intervention to Follow-up management. Through the fusion of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and a human-centric approach, the company is paving the way for transformative mental health experiences.

Stella, United We Care’s groundbreaking virtual mental health and wellness coach powered by Generative AI, is the first digital human in this space. Stella – Contextualize users’ requests, remember their preferences & accomplish tasks with a cognitive approach. Trained on over 30B parameters, Reinforcement Learning by Human Feedback (RLHF, Clinician), Question Generation Question Answering training. With 90% accuracy in intent detection rate, it passes the Stanford Natural Language Intent (SNLI) Data set. Stella ensures the responses are informed by the most current and relevant mental health research and practices through RAG.

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