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Success Mantra: Tips and suggestions for aspiring woman entrepreneurs

Article by Mrs. Shubhra Mohanka (Director, Gautam Solar)

To conceptualize, start-up and establish a successful business, specifically in certain domains that are driving the country’s major transformations, like renewable energy, can be significantly challenging. And for women who are trying to make a mark in the industry with their entrepreneurial skills, setting up a successful business can be even more challenging. However, the trends have been changing, and as per a report by the World Economic Forum, in 2023, a new form of entrepreneurship will emerge, which will be more diverse, more socially-minded, and not afraid to multi-hustle.

In recent years, women have been excelling in almost every field, and there have been examples of several women who have launched their own ventures and have been successful in the market. However, there is still a long way to go, as even now, there is a significant gap in the number of women-owned businesses compared to male-owned businesses. Entrepreneurship is mostly about coming up with smart solutions to prevalent problems and selling those solutions to the masses. While being an entrepreneur requires an investment of an immense amount of time and effort, often for women, it might be difficult to pursue entrepreneurship due to lack of time, especially after their marriages. However, following some dynamic strategies and tips, women can become successful entrepreneurs even after their marriage.

Here are some tips and suggestions for aspiring woman entrepreneurs:

Clear vision

Starting up a business and taking it on the road to success might involve several complicated processes, and without a clear vision, a woman entrepreneur may go astray. An entrepreneur’s vision should always be simple and clear, and she should always keep achievable short-term goals that will eventually lead towards a big picture.


A strong network can be a major success tool for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Budding business leaders should always keep leveraging their contacts to get started and keep prospering. Also, they should keep expanding their networks by making contacts in different industries to get a realistic view of entrepreneurship. Networking can significantly help aspiring women entrepreneurs learn about new opportunities and find people who can help them grow their businesses.

Team building

One of the biggest challenges that a women entrepreneur may face in the initial phase of their professional journey is to find a resourceful team that will foster the company’s success in the long run. Women entrepreneurs need to possess a strong team-building ability and create strong relationships with people, make the team member understand their vision and lead the team to meet the company’s goals.

Prioritizing goals and objectives

Aspiring women entrepreneurs should also have clear objectives and goals to remain focused on the task at hand. They should carefully set deadlines and stick to them to stay focused and achieve their objectives.


Self-motivation can be a key tool for any aspiring entrepreneur to be successful in the long run. One way to stay motivated is by keep rewarding their own hard work, which also helps the budding leaders maintain a positive attitude. Some of the easy ways women entrepreneurs can reward themselves are by taking out time for themselves through spending time with family and friends, or simply enjoying a good meal or drink.