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How are food-tech startups revolutionizing consumer patterns?

Authored Article By Vyom Shah (Founder of Foodism)

Foodtech is a specialized field that deals with the technology of producing, processing and marketing food. Foodtech startups provide technological solutions to issues that affect the food industry. For example, startups have made it easier for people to access fresh foods. These innovations make healthy eating choices convenient and accessible for everyone. 

Whether you are craving a light snack, a beverage or a hearty lunch, it’s all available at your fingertips – all thanks to the ever-growing food tech industry. Food tech has made the impossible possible, and consumers love it. From infotainment to culinary expertise, everything is easily available now. If you are a food tech enthusiast, keep reading!

The food tech revolution took over the F&B industry and grew larger by the minute. Smartphone-equipped delivery executives, instant customer service, easy-to-use app interphases and AI inclusion have made this industry unstoppable. Even the investment sharks can’t hold their horses and are ready to make considerable investments in this sector. But that’s not all that has changed, food tech startups have also altered consumer patterns. Let’s take a look at how food-tech startups have revolutionized consumer patterns.

Time-specific Ordering:

Tracking your order has never been easier. From the moment you place your order, you receive updates when the restaurant has accepted your order, when the delivery executive is assigned and when the delivery executive has reached your location. Every food/grocery delivery app provides real-time updates, and consumers can make better decisions in a time-specific situation!

Customized experience:

Order pizza once, and your food delivery app will remember your preference for crust, sauces and toppings. This sort of customized experience has given customers the liberty to order what they want and how they want it. Moreover, if you cannot decide what to order, the app interphase lists everything you have ordered and browsed and may be interested in helping you give the final nudge!

Shift to cloud kitchen:

With the food tech startups flooding the industry, consumers started to shift to cloud kitchens. The inclusion of AI, easy delivery service and transparency between the consumer and seller built a relationship of trust between the foodies and the cloud kitchens. It also helped that the consumers did not have to leave the comfort of their homes for a hearty meal!

Bots & AI for customer care:

Have an issue with your order? An AI bot will always be present for you and solve your issue in no time. Consumers can get instant help with any query with detailed steps to solve it. We have to admit, as a consumer, it is easier to get things done without being put on hold for 10 or more minutes to get a refund!

While the topic of bots for customer care is quite controversial, it is safe to say there is no turning back now. Many start-ups have tried to make AI customer care as customized and sensitive as possible. With AI such as Chat-GPT, which mimics human behaviour to the extent of being intuitive, customer care may become entirely dependent on such systems. And as for consumers, their behaviour changes with the trends. Buying patterns, ordering patterns etc, are ever-changing, just like the F&B industry. It seems likely that the field of food tech will become even more popular in years as new solutions become available to everyone with different consumer patterns.