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Effective Ways to Address Stress and Anxiety

Article by Dr. Tanya Bakshi (Founder & CEO YOUNIVERSE)

As of 2023, we might have the most digitally savvy youth but probably the unhappiest of them all in today’s time. The youth of our country is becoming a victim of poor mental health as the modern lifestyle is causing them emotional stress, anxiety, and depression.

There’s no doubt that modern technological advances have changed lives globally, but they have also created an unbalance in everyone’s life. People have become so dependent on the internet and technology that they either constantly invest or waste their time.

However, little do we know how these practices are slowly causing us mental issues- we have never seen them before. The lives of the youth of our country have become highly stressful. From making big decisions to minor conflicts, from problems at home to personal relationships, everything stresses them out. Sometimes even assuming that our friends and maybe everyone else’s lives are better and that something is wrong with them makes us anxious and depressed making us more prone to mental instability. The more stressed they are, the more unaware of all these causes, symptoms, and solutions. The youth need to be educated about the problems related to their mental health. TRUTH- we can’t go back to living like the 1900s- but what can be a safe method of dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression?

There are many ways to solve this problem, but one of the most effective ways of them is flower therapy. Flower therapy is also known as Bach Flower Remedy. It is a natural remedy that is used to improve mental health. In fact, it is made with fresh plant extracts and is highly effective in acute conditions as well – our advice is to look out for Dr. Bakshi’s Rescue Remedy in flower remedies it is tested by Dr. SPS Bakshi (CMD Bakson) himself when he has felt symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Dr. Tanya Bakshi believes that our generation is getting addicted to things easily today and a good reminder for them to break away would be to go back to nature with Dr. Bakshi’s flower remedy. Her inspiration comes from-Dr Edward Bach, who is the main founder of flower remedies, and his formulations have been revised and used for years in the name of bach flower remedies across the globe, Bakson being a company that promotes and encourages homoeopathy remedies wanted to get this in India with rates that are consumer friendly and hence came- Dr. Bakshi’s Flower Remedies.

Dr. Bach’s Treatments of bach flowers identified 38 flower treatments in the 1900s and developed a technique where stress, anxiety, and depression are successfully dealt with it. Using the unique element of flowers and consuming these medicines relieves people from stress and anxiety and helps improve their mental health. Bakson Drugs Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has produced a flower remedy using this technology, and these remedies are beneficial for mental and physical health. Children, adults, geriatric people can use Bakson Flower remedies. It is straightforward to use. All you need to do is consult a specialist related to flower remedies or hop onto our website to know more.