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Work Wear for Indian Women of all body types

Purvi Rohit Pugalia is a serial entrepreneur who has launched and successfully managed multiple businesses in different sectors. Purvi comes from a textile background and has always been passionate about fashion. She never stopped learning about the industry and kept expanding her knowledge to understand it for her clients better. After doing in-depth research on Indian body types, she observed that most of the workwear brands in India are not aware of the clothing products produced according to the Indian body type. Not So Pink was created in response to the lack of diversity in the workwear for Indian Women. She was looking to build a brand that would provide contemporary designs for Indian women of all body types.

In an interaction with Purvi, when asked about the name Not So Pink, she told us, “Pink has long been stereotyped as the go-to colour for all things feminine. Be it the colour of her bedroom walls or the next dress she’s looking to buy. Society associates this colour with just about anything and everything in her life, including her personality, often described as “girlish”, “soft”, “overly emotional”, and “lacking real ambition”. Her core idea behind starting “only women’s workwear” was that women don’t have to choose between comfort & style. Also, there was a dire need for contemporary apparel & accessories that offer an excellent fit to Indian women of all body types, so they offer every style and sizes ranging from XS-XXXL. It caters to women beyond preconceived notions & stereotypes because why everyone should be confined to dull boardroom colours & patterns? Their vibrant apparel gives a spin to the otherwise drab Office wear and redefines office attire for Indian women. Moreover, there’s an age-old saying in the fashion industry – ‘dress according to your shape’. But Not So Pink encourages women to embrace their curves because they are beautiful the way they are, and nobody can tell them otherwise.

You can shop for the products from the website They are also available on third-party online platforms like The Ambition Collective and ThisOrThat. They will soon go live with ShopperStop, Ajio, and Nykaa.

Not So Pink is constantly evolving every day to become a more size-inclusive brand and women’s go-to destination for all their fashion needs.