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PMR known for QUALITY driven & VALUE centered approach

Failure is a 'misnomer'; it would be more accurate to refer it as a new 'learning' : Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd.

  • In last 36 years, moving close to 3 lakh homes with a workforce of 600+ workers, spread across 10 offices PAN India
  • In pandemic relocated over 5000 families within India, 8000 families abroad, and over 1,00,000 laptops and desktop computers

PM Relocations is one of the first leading Indian moving companies to have offices across major cities PAN India. An Indian-based relocation company made its mark as the leading mobility service provider on global level. PM Relocations was founded by the current CEO, Aakanksha Bhargava’s father Mr. Rajeev Bhargava and his best friend Mr. Rajiv Sharma in 1986 in Kolkata. The brand’s legacy spans over 36 years with immense learning, innovation, and expansion not only physically but also in terms of serving customers worldwide.

Q. How have you been into your family’s legacy; what was the inspiration?

Aakanksha Bhargava: Growing up in a business family and seeing my father work religiously in establishing the company and making a mark in the global relocation sector, I have learnt that Mobility is one such sector which offers the most creative, vast, and opportunity-oriented zones of working. When I was a kid, my father used to take me to various clients’ sites and warehouses during my vacations. I have learnt and observed the art of packing and moving since childhood. Hence, my father has been a great source of inspiration, personally and professionally. His never-ending zeal helped me feel inclined towards joining PMR and ensuring I give my best to the company’s betterment at every point.

Also, as a woman in an unconventional male-dominated set-up, the will to prove myself has been another major driving force. However, I believed that no gender bars or generational gaps could stop me from achieving what I wanted if I had the right intent and conviction.

“All through these years, we saw growth in revenue and our team but also in terms of our clients, physical expansion, global network expansion and the value which we contributed to customer experiences who moved with us. Today, we are identified as an international industry leader in providing stress-free relocation solutions worldwide. This is what I define my vision as, the vision that has been there since the moment I joined. And there is indeed much more to achieve.”

Q. What are the changes PM Relocations has adopted since its inception?

Started in 1986 as a venture of two best friends, Mr Rajeev Bhargava and Mr Rajiv Sharma, the company was named “PM Packers (PM)” with the tagline – Around the world, across the street. PM was one of the first leading Indian moving companies to have their offices in major cities PAN India. It wasn’t until 2007 that we rebranded ourselves as ‘PM Relocations (PMR)’.

Also, we have been careful in hiring talents who believe in our vision and show scope for learning and personal development. We have been putting a lot of effort into mobilizing people and businesses across the world since the very point of our inception. Now that we have become a leading global mobility company that enables seamless moving in all corners of the world, the same strategy lies at the core of our marketing & positioning, being done more proactively now. We want to make PMR a brand and a mobility partner for everybody who wants to move domestically, internationally, and even in third-country dealings. We have been doing that for a long time and intend to carry forward with the same aim and perspective.

Q. What is the USP of PMR?

PMR’s USP would be our trained team of professional and experienced Packers & Movers, our setups PAN India, and trusted clients from over three decades. PMR proudly flaunts its legacy of maintaining a quality-driven and value-centred approach in the relocation market, for which it has also been intrinsically recognized. We have always strived to remove stress from clients’ moving experiences and make seamless relocations possible, may it be Domestic, International, or Third Country moves.

From immigration to home search, city orientation, school search, utility services, orientation, and departure programs, PM Relocations spearheads the organized relocation business in India.

Q. How would you lead the organization to view and respond to failure?

Leading the organization for the past 16 long, fruitful years, I have only realized that there is no such thing as “failure”; rather, it would be fitting to label it as a new “learning” every time, which helps you stay uplifted at every step of the journey. Looking back, the pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges we have seen so far. However, it was also one of the biggest opportunities that helped us bloom in a never expected way.

Also, as an entrepreneur, I have learnt that it’s not the employees who are answerable to the leader every time; it is the leader responsible towards the employees as well. Our people rely on us, and they have been relying on us for most of their sustainability needs. Hence, the fear of failure isn’t as daunting as having any signs of disappointment on their faces. As entrepreneurs, we are the stronghold for our people, which is why, even if we stumble somewhere in the business, we have the responsibility and the need to get up and make things happen.

Q. Under your rein, PMR has come a long way! In the coming years, what’s your endeavour for the same?

The pandemic year gave us an opportunity to cross our first 100 CR revenue mark, and since then, we have been on a mission to double our revenue. We aim to close in on 200 CR by this financial year. We are also looking forward to expanding our warehousing and office space in PAN India, and we have been successful in doing it till now. With respect to our service offerings, we are looking towards individually establishing the base around our ancillary service brands, such as Baggage+, Artistics and PetGo, in a full-fledged way. We aim to establish our domain expertise in all three verticals.

Umbrella brand under PM Relocations (PMR) includes:

PMRGO – Domestic Moving, Store+- Short and Long-Term Warehousing, PetGo- Pet Moving, Baggage+- Baggage Moving, PMR Logistics- Equipment Moving, Relo+- Relocation Assistance and Artistics- Fine Art Handling.