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Kashayah Design: Crafting new benchmarks in interior designing

Kashayah Design’s expertise is in creating superior interior designs that lead to comfortable living and enhance the quality of life of clients.

Pune: Interior designing is a highly competitive industry, and the key to success is drive and the ability to deliver innovation and a sense of exclusivity in your designs. This is exactly the mantra of Pune-based interior design studio Kashayah Design, which has created a niche for itself by successfully crafting luxurious lifestyles through unique interior designs for its clients.

“I was always inspired by beautiful designs and how they can transform any space. It was my passion for design that led me to establish Kashayah Design, even though I had not studied design. I and my team firmly believe that designing is not always new or what is trending. Many times, it is already in front of us and only requires some improvement. We treat each assignment as if we are working on a blank canvas and try to ensure that each of the works is unique and better than the previous ones. This is our philosophy, and we strive to abide by it,” says Kashayah Founder and CEO Kishor Mangawade.

The focus on detailing has played a big part in the success of Kashayah Design.

“We believe details are not the details, but make the design. We focus on details at every stage of the design process. There is extensive creative brainstorming at every step – right from conceptualising the design to finalising the design and from furniture production to installation. This is why the projects turn out exactly as they were originally visualised,” he explains.

Kashayah Design’s expertise is in creating superior interior designs that lead to comfortable living and enhance the quality of life of clients.

“We understand that for anyone designing his/her dream home or office, there is a lot of emotion involved. Our focus is on delivering client satisfaction not only for the present but even for years down the line when the interior design will continue to have a sense of exclusivity. This ensures we can craft a luxurious lifestyle by creating a modern luxury with diverse styles that meets global standards,” he says further.

Interior designing can be expensive, and there is literally no upper limit to what clients spend towards the interior design of their dream homes or offices. Kashayah Design has also executed several projects where clients spend lavishly on interior design. However, the firm believes that interior design, even when delivering the best quality, does not necessarily have to be expensive. It also excels in completing the work within the budget and on time.

Mr. Mangawade says that there are ‘n’ number of styles in interior design, but his favourite is minimalist designing as it adds aesthetic appeal to the home interiors and avoids all the unnecessary clutter.

While Kashayah Design has achieved tremendous success, it has also faced its share of failures.

“There have certainly been challenges and failures. Instead of being bogged down by them, I remember Henry Ford’s famous quote –  Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently – and motivate myself to come back stronger. This has held me in good stead,” adds Mr. Mangawade.