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Factors differentiate Yudiz from the rest – client-centric, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions 

Yudiz Solutions is a digital transformation and technology services company founded in 2011 by Bharat Patel, Pratik Patel, and Chirag Leuva. It began as a website development company before gradually foraying into mobile application development, 2D/3D game development, windows development, IoT development, AR/VR development, AI/ML solutions, and blockchain development. Additionally, it also forayed into Metaverse and Web 3.0 this year. Yudiz Solutions Limited is in India, Canada, the UK, and Malta.

Q. How did Yudiz Solutions come into existence and what was the thought behind the name of your Venture?

It was the stubbornness to provide scalable solutions. Often, I would look at a product or technology, and a simple question came to my mind “Is there a substantial solution to that problem?” That curious thinking was the first thing that led me to join the industry. I was not a novice – I had experience and knowledge, and just wanted to apply that knowledge effectively.

The story is quite interesting. I was the State Chairman with The Institution of Engineers (India) when a group of youngsters from the University approached me to help them create a technical event at that Infrastructure; I shared my experience with them and the technological journey till then, explained about technology entrepreneurship and offered to join hands with them after completion of their Masters in Computer Applications. Soon after that, we started a firm providing IT solutions and then it came to be known as Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We had a small start but the right and impactful one. Yudiz means collaborative approach and this is a blend of people experienced in their respective fields and fresh young minds willing to learn and achieve the set goals.

Q. What are the changes Yudiz has adopted to stand out amongst its competitors?

Three factors differentiate us from the rest – our client-centric, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions based on extensive research. This helps us to provide clients with the very best solutions that are created using state-of-the-art technology.

‘From the very start, I have come to a fundamental conclusion that there are three pillars of success, whether a society, a country, or a company – Industry, Academics, and Policies and all these are interconnected’Q. Within ten years, Yudiz provides its services in four different countries. It’s excellent; What do you think works for Yudiz?

The reason is that every individual at Yudiz is passionate about researching, up-skilling, and learning various technologies that considerably impact different industry niches. We try to spend the majority of our time on research and development. The adaptable mindset has helped us overcome countless challenges and make a creative and technical differentiator. We dish out several innovations governed by our government’s policies but academics provide the research for them. So, what sets us apart from our competitors is our belief in the value of academics because we stay ahead of the curve through them. That is the reason why we carry out educational programmes for academics. We introduce modern minds into our company, educate them, and provide a platform for them to prove and upgrade their skills.

Over the years, we have made ourselves capable of creating maximum impact and taking on challenging projects. We define success in terms of the quality services our company provides. It has helped us to receive countless praise.

Q. What challenges have you faced during this journey, and what has kept you going?

Challenges are part and parcel of a venture. But the most crucial are talent acquisition and creating a network of people who are on the same page as us. But, once the core was settled, identifying and recruiting the other team members was not as challenging. We have learnt on the job and continue to do so in our quest to provide the best solutions to clients.

A simple thing that many people take lightly nowadays is passion. I am extremely enthusiastic about the unpredictability of technological breakthroughs. So be passionate. If there’s nothing you are passionate about, find it.

Q. What are your plans for the organisation?

We are working on plans to enhance our knowledge and capabilities to expand the company geographically and in terms of technological potential. We are committed to bringing out our branded products into the market. We also plan to add new products and more locations, staff augmentation, research wing, incubation and co-working, product development/white label/creative IP, and infrastructure development. It may take time, but I believe we will realise these goals and progress more effectively.

Our quarterly goals consist of standard business practices like bringing in new clients, retaining them, providing a good working environment, assessing our productivity, and discussing how we can build reputable brand perceptions. We look forward to coming up with innovative solutions through our extensive research skills. The solutions will be cost-effective and scalable but will not miss out on modern technologies being introduced in the market.