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DRIM provides an ecosystem to influencers grow without borders

'You can only develop and succeed if you have a growth mindset': Yulia Aslamova 

DRIM flagship analytical system is well-equipped to find the top-performing influencers across 8 social networks within a database of 250k+ micro-influencers. Our 500+ managers assist them in delivering desired business outcomes. 

DRIM is a leading global performance-based influencer marketing platform. The company has over 250k influencers, 200 brands, and about 2000 influencer talent managers. It helps brands like Domino’s, Swiggy, Snapdeal, McDonald’s, Amazon and others to design campaign ideas. It assists brands in generating sales via effective micro-influencer/blogger campaigns. A performance influencer marketing platform where brands meet the perfect influencers/bloggers and only pay for the results. Ms Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, shared the idea behind DRIM formation, its journey so far, the future of the influencer marketing industry in India and many more.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of DRIM?

In 2019, my entrepreneurial aspirations became the cornerstone of my vision to create a dynamic firm that would eventually be called Drim. Having organized one of the biggest Indian digital marketing conferences that year, I realized that recommendation is a key driving force for sales in the country, especially if it comes from a subject matter expert. That realization led to the advent of Drim. A firm believer in the potential of the Creator Economy, I have always felt that the right narrative and creative storytelling can significantly impact businesses and even individuals. With Drim, we’re looking to make influencer marketing a robust performance marketing channel to help brands achieve real results in sales, new clients and other valuable actions.

Q. In what ways do influencers lead campaigns helping customers across the country?

At DRIM, results are of the utmost importance for brands and influencers. Keeping this idea in mind, DRIM helps generate brand sales via effective micro-influencer/blogger campaigns. We are a performance influencer marketing platform where brands meet the perfect influencers/bloggers and only pay for the results.

Our technology stack helps scale the campaigns. With innovative features like; smart segmentation, where the platform identifies statistically significant segments of influencers who perform best for a particular brand. The look-alike & ML features help find similar to the best converting influencers for a specific brand.

Q. How is DRIM bridging the gap between brands and influencers?

Influencer marketing is the future of advertising. Whether you’re an established brand or a startup, if you want to reach Millennial audiences effectively, social media marketing is the way to do it. Over the last 5 years, influencer marketing has transformed from a group of people with large social media followings to a flock of entrepreneurs that leverage their social media audiences for branded opportunities.

Influencers have tapped on brands to sponsor everything from trips to local meet-ups with their audiences. This dynamic is new to the advertising industry, as brands are beginning to expand their scope to working with social media content creators.

Here, DRIM disrupts the industry and brings transparency. Whether it’s sales, leads, or even app installs; brands have to identify their desired goal, and we’ll do the rest. The DRIM team works with influencers to ensure the results come in, and the brands pay only for the achieved results, not for created content, views and brand awareness. By leveraging performance influencer marketing, we enabled Domino’s Pizza to clock over 400,000 orders in a calendar year.

An apt example is Indian Instagram influencer Komal Pandey, who, along with Siddharth Batra, has lit up the fashion scene on the platform. They keep pushing excellent content that resonates with the target audience. Any brand that partners with them to promote their content will get the upper hand by reaching millions of followers in one shot. It’s difficult for brands to pull off this feat on their own. When they form partnerships with influencers, their reach automatically broadens.

To nurture this ever-growing community, we are also launching the creator academy. This online course will feature bite-sized lessons by expert content creators who have done brilliantly in the performance influencer marketing space.

Q. Any piece of advice you want to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

When you hear about someone else’s success story, it is tempting to believe that success can come to you instantly. That is hardly true, considering all success tales involve a lot of effort. Success cannot be rushed, particularly for female business owners who must find the ideal balance between their personal and professional lives. So, as an entrepreneur, it must be a responsibility to tackle every scenario with a goal-oriented and problem-solving mindset. This clears the air and helps one stay laser-focused on their primary objective.

The next on the list is leadership ability. All successful businesses have been developed by exceptional individuals.

Another key responsibility is to empower fellow females. At DRIM, 99% of the employees are female. We are building a strong women’s community where every single woman from any part of India, be it a student, be it a housewife with no experience, be it a returnee who can’t compete with others in getting jobs, at DRIM gets a chance to start over and utilize the talent most productively.

Finally, one must have confidence and belief in their abilities. It’s important to consider suggestions, pay attention to feedback, and evaluate your work, but ultimately, only you can decide what’s best for your company.

Influencers work at DRIM: We have created an easy-to-use ecosystem for influencers to collaborate effectively with global brands. Influencers sign up & choose the brands they would like to collaborate with. They can fully concentrate on giving their creative best to the campaign while our manager at DRIM does the negotiations & ensures timely payouts. At DRIM, influencers have no cap on their earnings, the sky’s the limit.

The influencer marketing industry, worth under $15 billion, is getting bigger each day. According to a Rakuten Insight study (Oct. 2020), about 72% of respondents from the age bracket 25-34 years in India admitted to following at least one influencer on social media. Working in close quarters with influencers gives brand marketers the wings to reach their target audience most quickly and easily.