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Bhagirath Goswami is on a mission for causing abundant exports and creating exporters in the country

There are plenty of opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to establish a profitable export business. In an exclusive interview, Bhagirath Goswami, founder of the Surat-based ‘Being Exporter’, talks about his mission to train entrepreneurs and common citizens to master international trading skills and become successful exporters.

Q. What is your opinion about the current scenario of mismatch between manufacturer & the market?

Bhagirath Goswami: Economies around the world keep on evolving. There are various challenges of exporting that every manufacturer will have to face. As an exporter, you may face the challenge of finding potential global buyers for your existing product. The other challenge is that every market has different needs and requirements. It is important to research the markets that you’re aiming to capture, figure out buyers in said markets, and note the product trends for the same. You can then choose and manufacture the right product to export.

Q. What are the offerings you have under your institution? How Being Exporter has changed the lives of people?

BG: We conduct Being Exporter Live Workshop for – 3 hours, 3 days a week. In this, we teach all aspects of export business, international markets, the documentation required, logistics, risk management and so on. Next, we have a mentorship programme, creating goals for participants, conducting group meetings, training, and lot many other exercises, wherein the member’s skills are developed and tracked. We also give them the opportunity to witness their first shipments going abroad. ‘Being Exporter’ has churned out successful exporters out of students, working and retired professionals, homemakers, and businessmen in a very short time.

Q. How does anyone from any background become an exporter/ or what does it take to be an exporter?

BG: Anyone can become an exporter. However, there are a few pre-requisites. The first and foremost thing for any person is to decide whether they wish to embark on this journey. Next, they need to have the right knowledge and skills to become an exporter. Lastly, if you aspire to become a successful exporter, you should be committed to managing multiple tasks, right from planning and coordinating shipments and supervising delivery to managing customers and ensuring that shipments comply with all the laws.

Q. What have been your major accomplishments and major challenges?

BG: Changing the mindset of people and training them to become successful exporters can be extremely challenging. For instance, when we work with individuals from different backgrounds, we often find them facing some mental constraints regarding whether they are moving ahead in the right direction or not. We help train members in various skills – ranging from finance and technology to communication and interpersonal skills – that export/import managers must have or must develop to become better at their jobs.   If we talk about accomplishments, every day is a blessing because all our participants keep us updated with the work they are doing and their shipments and share their success stories. It is noteworthy that one of their participants dispatched 110 containers a month. This further inspires us to do even better and work harder to set and achieve newer goals. Looking at the success stories of our members, I feel grateful and pledge to continue doing this work till my last breath.

Q. What are your future goals and mission?

BG: I always believe in the law of demand and supply. In recent years, the export industry has thrived rapidly, which has opened the doors of opportunities. It is time people in India awaken because exporting offers plenty of benefits and opportunities to expand your business worldwide. If you’re ready to consider exporting, we provide many resources that can help you make a decision and get you started. My future vision is to create a pool of talented exporters from my country to compete in the global market.

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