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AI-powered CX cloud ‘Rezo’ automates conversations across all channels

Rezo currently, live in more than 10 languages, building language models capturing multiple dialects for 20 others

AI is expected to reach a global market of USD 41.39 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 23.6% : Rashi

Rezo was founded by IITian husband-wife duo Manish Gupta and Rashi Gupta in 2017. An AI-powered CX cloud that automates conversations across all channels voice, emails, whatsApp, social media, and chats which enables businesses to boost revenue and enhance customer experience with its API’s by automating and analyzing customer interactions at scale.

Q How did you come up with the idea of your brainchild?

Rashi (Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder): I always had a knack for starting our venture. I worked mainly in a data analytics company, and Manish was the CTO of a big travel tech firm. We saw the gap between companies and their customers. We realized a vast potential in the customer experience segment very early on. We took time to plan things out and then took the plunge, landing us where we are today.

Q What’s the story behind your venture’s name; why is it Rezo?

Rashi: Manish and I both agreed that the company’s name should be short and crisp. We came across the word Rezo which loosely translates to positivity, blessings, and prayers in Spanish. We liked it because we believed we were building something truly transformational, which could positively impact the whole contact center space and add significant value to enterprises. It felt like just the right word for internal and external stakeholders; hence we decided to go ahead.

Q Throw some light on how Rezo works for its client.

Manish (Founder): Rezo aims to provide the best possible customer and client experience. Our solution is built on two pillars, AutoEngage: A forefront layer that engages customers and AutoAnalyse, which powers bots, assists agents and elevates the experience with data-powered intelligence.

Instead of force-fitting and hard-selling our solutions, Rezo identifies the system’s health and discovers where the experience is broken. It then narrows down on corrective measures and built models for it, implementing a low-cost automated solution to boost performance and elevate the experience.

Some Inbound and outbound capabilities of’s AI-Powered CX cloud are-

Inbound – Self-Service Interaction

  1. For reverts and resolution – Enabling Customer Support.
  2. Customer Feedback- Leverage AI To Know How Your Customers Feel – In Real Time
  3. FAQ Resolution – Customer Support Made Easy With AI
  4. Appointment Booking – Book More Business With AI Virtual Agents
  5. Quality Assurance – Map Your Growth Using Automated Quality Assurance
  6. Complaint Analysis – Leverage The Root Cause Of Your Customer Complaints

Outbound – Mass Reach-out enabler

  1. For reach-outs and reminders – Enabling Sales Effectiveness
  2. Lead Qualification – Embrace Voice-AI For Quality Leads
  3. Proactive Outreach – Modernize Follows Ups With Automated Reminders
  4. Follow-ups – Take The Extra Mile For Enhanced Experience
  5. Product Recommendations – Upsell And Cross-Sell Your Products

Q What were the challenges you faced, and how has your journey been so far?

Rashi: The primary challenge we faced was building an enterprise-grade product with mass usability and scalability. We took two years to develop the product to ensure its capabilities. From then on, it has become just about how to custom fit the solution to the unique needs of our clients, something which has enabled us to improve the product over time.

Apart from this, the underlying challenge that will always be there while working in a market as diverse as India is to make the product flexible and rigorous simultaneously. This is because India is a land of more than 21 official languages and an astronomical 19500 dialects (source: Hindu Business Line). However, throughout my journey at, we have taken challenges head-on.

My journey at has been full of challenges and stress, but the mentality of facing these challenges head-on has assisted me throughout my journey and propelled my growth as a women leader.

Q According to you, what is the future of AI in India?

Rashi: The industry is already showing positive traction for conversational AI, which is expected to reach a global market of USD 41.39 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 23.6%.

But we believe that the potential of conversational AI is much larger when seen in tandem with an essential piece of data analytics which forms a large part of what we do at Rezo. Once we integrate the two, it is not just about automating and taking away the painstaking agent tasks but about learning, improving, and expanding its capabilities.

This allows conversational AI to transcend its current abilities around customer support and become a tool to generate revenue by venturing into improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing teams, something which can lead to its exponential growth.

Q Where do you envision Rezo in the next five years?

Rashi:  At Rezo, we’re driven by a single ambition; Harness the potential of AI-powered contact centres to provide customers, employees, and agents with frictionless and delightful experiences. We envision creating an open ecosystem based on the convergence of technological innovation and customer satisfaction through Rezo’s next-generation AI-Powered Contact Center. We plan to digitally revolutionize the Indian market by emerging as a SaaS platform that can converse in all the languages and dialects in India. We believe that taking on complex challenges and solving the most difficult problems will help us evolve and create a brilliant product suitable for urban and rural areas in India. Once done, we plan to do international forays in the US and Middle East Region.

USP of Rezo

  1. Powerful NLU and NLP Engine: Custom-built models enable product personalization
  2. State-of-the-Art Tech Stack: The use of Restful APIs and enterprise-level telephony integrations to bring down deployment time to 7-10 days
  3. No-code Unified Platform: 100% no-code, with options like one-button integrations, importing, exporting, and editing entire workflows
  4. Proprietary Number Crunching: Uncover high-value insights through persona-building enabling dynamic scripts, personalized calling hours etc.
  5. Centralized Mailing and Reporting: provide exhaustive dashboards through our centralized mailing system