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A brand that offers cotton clothing that is simple and stylish

Jisora, a fashion apparel brand, designs clothing with an added touch of comfort and a sense of elegant beauty using traditional cotton. The brand was founded by four siblings – three brothers and a sister, in 2021. Let’s meet the young and dynamic team of Jisora – Kavya Sethi (18-years-old), Mehul Sethi (19-years-old), Tushar Sethi (20-years-old), and Khushboo Sethi (24-years-old). These young minds are nurturing their entrepreneurial dreams at the pinnacle of their youth. They looked at the market and saw the immense potential in the fashion and e-commerce category. They want to bring the most affordable and best fashion for women. Thus, Jisora was born to bring the most stylish, affordable, and comfortable clothes for women of all ages.

In an interview with Yesha Shah, Khushboo talks about Jisora’s inception and more. Excerpts

Q. How did Jisora originate?

Khushboo Sethi – The pandemic gave rise to the demand for comfortable leisurewear, as people were confined to their homes. Work-from-home (WFH) started as an alternative to keep people working. Indeed, WFH became an apparel category, and it has given us a chance to innovate with our designs.

Buying comfortable Clothing has been the most common change in people’s fashion habits over the last year. People want their clothes to be versatile because they might feel like wearing them at home or dressing it up as they wish. Everybody believes that nothing can replace the pencil skirt or shirt for the most appropriate and professional office look. But we can proudly confirm that we have changed the fashion statement. We have many better options in the market that can be perfect for your office meetings and your evening night out.

As people stayed indoors more often, ‘Lockdown Dressing’ became a thing. Every customer wants variety, and we are a customer-centric brand. On average, we launch 40-50 new designs every month.

We understood that the coming fashion had become a means to escape boredom and a mix of comfort and style. We focused on designs that are a mix of home and office wear. We use pure cotton fabric as people are genuinely becoming conscious. It’s been observed that women are choosing cotton sets instead of feeling claustrophobic in dresses that look good but don’t offer any comfort. And choosing natural fabrics like cotton becomes essential because problems like sweat, itching, and rashes become common in synthetic materials.

Slowly people realized how they were missing out on comfort in their Clothing. Due to the pandemic, the online market witnessed massive growth; people who used to prefer offline shopping are also shifting to online stores. The change in lifestyle trends helped us reach a wide variety of customers. The genesis was fascinating and wholesome. We were thrilled to provide this amalgamation of style, fashion, and comfort. We understood the demand and how there was a gap in the market and tried to do our best to fill it.

Q. What are the production and marketing strategies of Jisora for maximum sales?

KS – Innovation is something that helps us stand apart from the market. The new patterns, styles, and quality automatically played a large part in marketing. Our strategy is to make customers realize that our collection is not just confined to home wear. It can be a part of their Work attire, Travel wardrobe, Day-out outfit, or sleepwear. Apart from this, we have ensured our target audience that our pricing is reasonable. Our average price range is Rs.1000 per article. Besides, we offer variety; we launch 40-50 designs monthly.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, and word-of-mouth recommendation has been our primary marketing tool. To reinforce this strategy, we develop clothing solutions that are the need of the contemporary market and its quality-conscious customers.

Q. What is the one thing that always keeps you motivated and aspired to grow more?

KS – Seeing the change Jisora’s bringing in the clothing pattern today and how it’s helping people stay more relaxed and comfortable in their outfits inspires us to grow. We are helping to change people’s mindsets by evolving into more conscious Clothing.

Q. Let us know more about the work environment at Jisora.

KS – At Jisora, we all work as a family. We all stand together, from working together towards achieving our goals to celebrating every small or big win. We have an amicable environment at work where we encourage every team member to provide suggestions and insights. We believe a happy and positive environment is the biggest motivator for employees.

Q. What would you advise the young and aspiring talents who want to pursue their career in the fashion industry?

KS – Our advice to the young and aspiring talents would be to be original. Fashion is a beautiful field; let your creativity flow and always keep in mind what customers want. Customer demand analysis is the most significant factor for success.