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STIM, ruling dental industry since 1965!

Turnover of 40cr in 2017 to a total group turnover of 150cr in FY 21-22

Under the name Global Dents Aid Pvt Ltd, STIM Oral Care is one of India’s largest and oldest manufacturers of interdental brushes. Started in 1965, the Global Dent Aids group has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years, from a turnover of 40cr in 2017 to a total group turnover of 150cr in FY 21-22, which includes its manufacturing (export division) and domestic brand STIM brushes. Mr Viren Khuller (the third generation) joined the business in 2012 and has since taken the STIM brand to new heights in India. With his efforts towards a new brand identity, new products, and a shift to a thorough & experienced sales team, and expansion into new territories, STIM is now a prominent name in the Dental Industry.

STIM was born, a short & slim-headed toothbrush that has now become synonymous with quality not just in India but all over the world. Today STIM continues to garner support from renowned dental surgeons and has diversified into a full oral care range that is specialized and recommended by dentists worldwide. Today, STIM belongs to the largest interdental manufacturing house globally – Global Dent Aids Pvt. Ltd. Mr Viren Khullar, the director of STIM oral care, says, “We believe in creating lifetime relation with our customers by our trust and together we are involved in strengthening the oral care industry”.

Viren states, “STIM want to be recognized as a company that provides dental solutions from an early age to later in life. We want to develop new packaging for our product range that is more relevant today and caters to the younger generation. Another aspiration that we would like to work on is to develop and introduce eco-friendly products with minimal carbon footprint in terms of production/packaging. Some changes in the past few years include developing eco-friendly products, a kids’ range & a whitening range. We also introduced an ERP system module for better sales and inventory tracking. Our digital & social media divisions have successfully launched campaigns for better visibility of our products”.

During the 50 years of the company’s tenure, the most challenging phase for STIM was 4 years back when it was transitioning from a manual operation to an automated ERP system. With many inventory management issues and stockouts, sales were growing and intervention was required to manage sales and inventory. Hence STIM introduced an inventory module where they could track and apply the needed resources for a lean process.

STIM Oral Care is going through a diverse change in its operation. In addition to the dentist and pharmacy model, the team plan to completely revamp its packaging and brand identity to launch its range in retail successfully. With that, STIM also has started a New Product Development & Research and Development division to innovate and develop new products currently being launched under the company’s brand in the Indian Market, which include STIM Charcoal Toothpaste, Dentemp (For fixing temporary dental filing), STIM Eco Range (Sustainable) amongst others.

Mr Khullar shares his view about the paramount qualities of any successful entrepreneur. “The key quality is how they manage people. People management as a skill is extremely crucial for any business leader to have in order to succeed. This also leads to employee recognition and motivation, whether monetary or otherwise. In addition to this, LISTENING to your employees, taking their advice and actually implementing the same in the company operation leads to an overall motivated team. And above all, customer and supplier satisfaction, especially in a sales model like ours, is a quality any successful entrepreneur shall hold”.


– Largest manufacturer of Interdental Brushes in the World, with world class machines from Zahoransky, Germany

– Top class Quality mechanism operation

– Global Dent Aids is proud to be recognized as the Best Performing Factory in Oral Care for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

– Certified by US FDA, GMP, BRC, and ISO, amongst other certifications.