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Core values of Saubhagya Vardhan : Integrity, innovation, leadership, and sustainability

Saubhagya Vardhan is a name that believes in taking action that promotes people’s welfare. And this thought drew him to his brainchild ‘Oikoshreem Infratech Pvt Ltd.’ which provides housing for every class of people, low-income, middle-income people or economically weaker sections. Oikoshreem’s vision is clear: each class of people must have a place they can call home.

A visionary who always dreams of changing the real estate culture while keeping in mind to support people in fulfilling their basic living needs that is Saubhagya Vardhan for you.

After many years of experience in real estate, he started his venture in 2019. Those experiences taught Mr. Vardhan that people want not only modern advancements in technology but also a dream architectural home that speaks about their personality. His constant desire to learn and implement the same for betterment has taken Oikoshreem to a new height that is possible only with the consistency and vision of a foresighted entrepreneur.

‘Leadership is about uplifting others; it results from your presence and implementation techniques. Make sure that the impact lasts in your absence as well,’ Saubhagya strongly believes.

After completing his higher studies in the USA and London, Mr. Vardhan did in-depth real estate market research and realized the unorganized sector with a wide gap in demand and supply. “In India, a sizable unorganized sector worth $120 Bn is dominated by large developers but lacks large distributors. We use technology and logistics on a wide scale to tap into a cash-intensive, unsegmented, low-ticket plot-size scale market and establish ourselves as plot aggregators. At Oikoshreem, we seek the goal of excellence. Our team desires to provide services and products that contribute to improving customers’ investments. We work hard to meet the needs of our customers while keeping up with the real estate sector and offering cutting-edge goods and integration from idea to implementation”, says Mr. Saubhagya Vardhan.Together with his team, Saubhagya Vardhan creates a dream architect that maps with an individual’s personality. Oikoshreem Infratech has fulfilled the dreams of several customers with a wide range of products that vary from EWS to middle-class luxury real estate. Currently flourishing in Lucknow markets, they focus on volume distribution of low ticket size product sales while in primary markets of tier1 metro cities in India. Integrity, innovation, leadership, and sustainability are values that the team upholds as a quality-driven and customer-oriented organization. Oikoshreem Infratech has introduced projects that have set a benchmark in the real estate world under the direction of Mr. Saubhagya Vardhan.

Saubhagya Vardhan leads and inspires his team at every step like a guiding light. Under Oikoshreem, he offered multiple job opportunities to unemployed youths, homemakers, and senior professionals. It contributes to national growth and opens up new career chances in society. According to Saubhagya Vardhan, the real estate sector is India’s second-highest employment generator. “At Oikoshreem, we will continue creating job opportunities for deserving people.” Oikoshreem Infratech extends its services to all facets of society with individualized solutions and affordable housing projects. It envisions having a global presence and being the top real estate consultancy service, provider. The company recently purchased a data centre park in Uttar Pradesh and is the only company in UP that owns its property portal

Experienced professionals ensure customized solutions align with the client’s primary business goals. The team’s strategic recommendations have assisted many clients in making wise real estate decisions, lowering expenses, generating value, and enhancing performance. With real estate consulting services, the clients get customized investment solutions. Besides, the company provides worldwide services to overseas investors. Also, tailor-made commercial and retail leasing solutions are offered both short and long-term. With 20,000 associates, 100 associate builders, and 500 salesforces, Oikoshreem Infratech has only focused on serving people rather than just generating money.