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YES WORLD introduces Utility Services Portal

Singapore: YES WORLD Token Utility services are available in 80 countries worldwide. YES WORLD announced to the global community members that YES WORLD Token is getting adopted globally, and thousands of new holders of YES WORLD Token are seen daily. 

YES World will launch an online platform. Where users are not just able to utilize YES WORLD Token but also will be able to leverage YES cryptocurrency for purchases of products and services. This online platform will be available in over 80 countries. With this, YES WORLD Token holders can now hold a token for cost appreciation and avail of the same for various utility services available in their countries.  

According to a recent report, Over 22 countries indicated that 56% of consumers globally are likely to transact with merchants accepting crypto. While another research says, 46% of merchants currently accept crypto currency as a mode of payment. The later research is done with 202 dealers with an online annual turnover of over $250 million. With great interest from merchants and consumers, YES WORLD is bringing in the missing piece to ease payment acceptance with cryptocurrency.  The customers of YES WORLD utility services can redeem the coupons on all modes of platforms – online and offline. Several merchants accept YES WORLD Token directly from POS Terminal installed at the stores. If users have to make the payment using the token they have to scan the bar code at the checkout on the POS Terminal. The integration work is underway to onboard prominent e-commerce players, where the users will soon be able to use YES World Token as the payment mode while making purchases online.

Last week, YES WORLD announced that it plans to hire 600 people worldwide for merchant on-boarding, support functions, technological upgrades, and newer innovations. Before the worldwide launch on April 24, 2024, company plans to onboard 10 million merchant establishments globally where the native token will be accepted for payments. It also plans to onboard over 50 leading crypto exchanges prior its global launch. 

CoinMarketCap data says, YES WORLD Token has great amount of liquidity and trading volume and High confidence on most trading pairs. On other hand CoinGecko shows that YES WORLD has 15 trading pair combinations across 4 exchanges. This data indicates YES WORLD seems to be growing fast. Team behind the token is rapidly working and handling clients’ demands.

YES WORLD is currently in soft launch and planning one of the biggest airdrop campaigns starting on 23/3/2023.