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NC Global Media’s NC BlockFiesta’23 Kick-Starts 

Chennai: Dubai-based NC Global Media’s NC BlockFiesta is beginning its new chapter of 2023 with its third edition from SIMATS School of Engineering in Chennai on the 1st of February. SIMATS Deemed University, previously known as Saveetha University, is one of the top-tier educational institutions in the city. The university has a history of 33 years and enhanced the lives of millions of aspiring students.

NC BlockFiesta’23 is an initiative by NC Global Media to empower and educate young minds about future technology. Blockchain is the next big revolution that will soon dominate all modern techs with its cutting-edge features. Every portion of the digital globe is adopting blockchain replacement, whether in academics, finance, commerce, or entertainment.

The paramount motto of NC Global Media is to provide 70 billion INR worth of blockchain education to 1 million students free of cost through this program. The key agenda of NC BlockFiesta’23 is a one-day seminar followed by a four-day virtual internship with the firm’s expert trainers. Notably, the prefined audience for the seminar will be 300 final-year engineering scholars. The high-priority objective of this session is to – address the essentiality of blockchain in the business and finance arena to the participants. 

Two prominent speakers of the firm will conduct the seminar. The speakers will elaborate on Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3. Mr. Yogesh Pandit, a leading blockchain trainer & advisor, will be accompanied by Ms. Pratiksha Sivakumar, senior content writer of TheNewsCrypto. 

Significantly, NC BlockFiesta holds the record of educating thousands of students in 2022 through the previous sequels. Also, the media agency helped to unite Chennai’s blockchain and web3 enthusiasts through a “neo-blockchain event.” 

NC Global Media is a Dubai-based media and marketing company founded in 2020. The company has established a unique niche in the blockchain industry by collaborating with leading 100+ blockchain clients and firms worldwide. The firm’s mission is to organize the largest blockchain education drive for one million+ students in India through NC BlockFiesta.

NC Global Media owns an in-house news portal, “TheNewsCrypto” – the one-stop portal for up-to-date blockchain news. The news portal’s regular readership of 200K is from global nations such as the USA, UAE, UK, Turkey, Russia, and India. 

Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS), Deemed University, encompasses over 15 educational institutes under its umbrella in Chennai, India. The university holds 1100+ national and international awards in the academic zone. Innovation is fostered at the university campus, and as a result, SIMATS has gained 330+ patents for various inventions.