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3 Cryptocurrency Tokens You Must Know – Ripple, Tezos, and Big Eyes Coin

New Delhi: It is a good idea to get into the crypto industry now, considering the bear market will not remain forever.

Many traders lost their funds due to the market crash, but there’s still hope, as projects with solid fundamentals are still moving.

There are three coins with the potential to make massive gains shortly, considering their usage and hype.

Ripple (XRP) is an eco-friendly open-source blockchain for fast and low-cost transactions.

Tezos (XTZ) is a smart contract network that allows users to create apps and more. Ultimately, it is Big Eyes (BIG), a project still in the presale but with the potential to break into the top 50 tokens.

Ripple: Cheap And Efficient Transactions

XRP is a decentralized technology with low-cost transactions (USD 0.0002), high speed (3-5 seconds), and scalability, as it can handle over 15000 transactions per second. XRP has an environmentally friendly ecosystem, using carbon-neutral and energy-efficient resources for its mining. The first decentralized exchange (DEX) was created by Ripple (XRP) and has been one of the most reliable blockchains.

The XRP offers micro-transactions and de-fi payments, which will soon be used for buying NFTs. The developers can use the tutorials present on the website to get started with apps and more. XRP has a maximum supply of 100Bn tokens, half of which is currently in circulation. XRP holds a massive chunk of the market with well over USD 20Bn market cap. Due to this, it remains in the top 10 slots on CMC.

Tezos: Smart Contract Platforms And High Scalability

Tezos (XTZ) is a smart contract platform developed to be better than Ethereum in terms of usage. XTZ is offering a solid infrastructure for the crypto space with a self-sustaining ecosystem and high scalability. Like many other tokens, Tezos (XTZ) holders have the right to vote on proposals for upgrades given by the team of developers.

This project was proposed in 2014 but was launched in 2018. Big business owners use XTZ. In 2020, a French banking giant started to use XTZ blockchain for its digital currency. XTZ has a market cap of over USD 1Bn. CMC recorded its ATH a year back in October at $9.175, but currently, it’s just above USD 1.

Big Eyes Coin: Saving The Oceans And Top Ten NFTs

Big Eyes (BIG) will be the first meme coin to introduce a cute cat with Big Eyes as its symbol. It is done to grab the public’s attention which has worked as people are buying BIG coins rapidly, and over USD 9 million has been raised.

Big Eyes (BIG) has also created a plan to donate 5 per cent equity of their tokens to charity for saving the fish in the sea. Also, an ever-growing community means more wealth in the de-fi world.

The network gives holders access to exclusive content and rewards to make Big Eyes (BIG) an appealing coin. Once officially released, NFTs will be launched in the market and given to the holders for free as a reward for buying tokens in presale.

The creators say that their NFTs will surely be in the top 10 best NFTs of all time. So it is high time to get into the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem. Use the code BIG236 to gain a bonus on your coin purchase.

You can visit their website for more information on Big Eyes (BIG).