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OMD India onboards Charul Tomar as its new Head of Strategy

The Indian division of the world’s largest media agency network, OMD, has appointed Charul Tomar as its new Head of Strategy. 

Mumbai: With over 13 years of diverse experience, having worked with leading market research and media agencies, like Kantar, Nielsen and Mindshare, Charul brings her robust cross-functional expertise in market research, insights & strategy and media analytics. In her role at OMD, she will be spearheading impactful, strategic initiatives across the board, building upon existing strengths, and driving the next stage of OMD India’s growth story while working with key stakeholders to build a strong, strategic foothold in the region.

She will also be in charge of accelerating efforts around nurturing a culture where Attention and Empathy are treated as valuable currencies to take a more humanistic approach towards the client and people relationships. Furthermore, advancing the organisation’s mandate, she will be instrumental in augmenting the Red Spine – OMD India’s nerve centre, ensuring that each system component remains efficient. With a spotlight on furthering Omni’s potential and an emphasis on leveraging OMD Design – the robust and highly-adaptive end-to-end process by OMD, she is all set to further capitalise on emerging trends and make complex decisions faster. In essence, Charul will be navigating OMD India in bold new directions to achieve exponential growth and success. She will be reporting to Anisha Iyer – CEO of OMD India.

Speaking on the appointment, Chief Executive Officer at OMD India, Anisha Iyer, said, “We are stoked to have Charul on board. She is a fine strategic leader and frontrunner with a pulse on the confluence of consumer, brand and insights. Her appointment comes at a time when OMD India is undergoing significant momentum and is fuelled by the most promising talent in the industry. I am certain that Charul’s valuable expertise, combined with her drive and commitment, will help us take our offerings to new heights. The future looks promising!”

Keeping in line with OMD India’s long-standing values and principles, it is another massive step for the media agency towards creating a truly inclusive workplace where things like gender, race or age have no power. With Charul joining the team, the agency now has three highly driven and seasoned women leaders at the top. Anisha’s grand vision is one where diversity plays a huge role in growth and development and provides everyone equal opportunity to prove themselves, making talent the most valued asset.

Excited to be a part of the OMD team, Charul Tomar said, “Sharp strategic management is always at the heart of every successful business. I am truly excited to be on board with OMD India, chiefly due to their commitment to futureproofing and their ability to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing marketplace. The agency exudes a strong vision and energy on the back of an exciting 2022 it has had so far.

I look forward to leveraging my experience to formulate game-changing strategies and deliver scalable business solutions, all while keeping empathy and attention at the core of what we do.”