Author Vinay Agarwal, Strategic Business Head, PromotEdge

New Delhi: Every company wants to create an online community and that can only be done by conveying the right message to the right people. And to do that right, we need to learn how to reach our target audience through digital marketing effectively. All brands need to figure out the right way to reach their target audience to market their products. Here are the tips we need to take to reach our target audience more effectively. Define the business objective. What is the business objective, and how are we going to fulfil the same through digital? Are we looking for awareness /sales/lead generation needs to be decided.

Define Your Target Audience We can define our target audience in order to understand better and connect with potential customers. The same can be done by understanding Demographic (Age, Gender, Location, Income, Education level, Occupation, Marital status/family size, Ethnicity and cultural background, etc), Psychography (Attitudes and beliefs, Interests and hobbies, Lifestyle choices, Motivations and aspirations, Technological proficiency, etc.) and Behaviour of people.

Competitive analysis Competitor research isn’t just about keeping an eye on the competition; it’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights into their target audience and create a strategy where if our competitors make any mistake, then we don’t do that.

Check whether our Target Audience is present on which digital platforms. This is very important. We need to check where our TA is present.  In many cases, we have seen in our agency that that a B2B client was unsure about whether his TA was present on Instagram, but when we did a TA analysis, we found TA available.

Understand what type of format the Target Audience wants to consume. We need to understand what type of format is being liked by our TA. Through a combination of images, videos, and text, Blog posts and articles, you can engage and reach them more efficiently.

Create Relevant Content

Once you have understood that the TA is interested in what type of format, then we need to understand what the TA is looking for from content Entertainment or Education. In the end, whatever content we are creating should add value to our  TA.

Use and Leverage Influencers We should partner with influencers to market our brand to our TA. As our TA relate to the content created by Influencer, they follow and connect with us.

Support the content with a targeted digital media plan to ensure proper reach of the content – We need to support our content to reach our TA more effectively by using targeted advertising. Whether it is Google ads or social media ads, they all provide advanced targeting options to help you reach your target audience. We can target the ads based on the demographics, location, and interests of your audience, whether it is Google ads or social media ads

Do an analysis on Hashtags and timing of posts, and monitor sentiment, feedback and engagement metrics. Relevant, industry-specific hashtags and keywords can help a brand broaden the reach of social media content to the right TA and can increase visibility and maximize the chances of reaching your target audience. Be consistent. Last but least, we need to be consistent in what activities we are doing.

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