New Delhi: Bringing together an incredible event at the Lotus Temple on July 20th 2023, Young FICCI Ladies Organisation, Delhi (YFLO) is set to celebrate the triumph of breaking barriers and overcoming limitations via its #BecauseSheCan themed, ‘One world, One religion, One us’ event. YFLO’s event focuses on self-change, imparting values of unity, compassion, and a shared sense of purpose among attendees through a thought-provoking and one-of-its-kind performance, ‘HUMA.’

#BecauseSheCanUnite ‘One world, One religion, One us’ is presented by FLO Chairperson Ms Sudha Shivkumar with YFLO Delhi’s Chairperson, Ms Divya Jain, upholds the spirit of empowerment and liberation for women, echoing a powerful appeal for a world that is guided by one religion, and is made of one united community. A masterpiece of performative arts, ‘HUMA’ explores the journey through failure and success, evoking emotions and compelling, genuine introspection. The audience will be taken on a transformative journey through symbolisms of the legendary bird of paradise, HUMA. The performance is directed by the renowned filmmaker and painter Muzaffar Ali and shall be delivered by Shinjini Kulkarni, who appears at the heart of the captivating spectacle. With graceful movements, profound expressions, and technical brilliance, the granddaughter of the legendary Kathak maestro Pandit Briju Maharaj, Shinjini, will attempt to beautifully capture the human essence and inspire the audience to reflect on their journeys of growth and change.

Transcending the differences and boundaries of religion, culture and background, YFLO Delhi’s event at the Lotus Temple is designed to instil within the audience a strong connection with themes of transformation, unity, and a vision to build a better future for all.

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