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World’s First Flavour that celebrates Women of the World

Stonefield Flavours launches WOW Coffee is an extremely versatile flavour that was created as a tribute to honour the distinctively different personas of women around the world.

Bengaluru: Stonefield Flavours, the fastest-growing Indian Multinational in flavour industry today, created history by launching the World’s first flavour that celebrates the distinctively different personas of women of the world. WOW Coffee, a thoughtfully and artistically crafted flavour from the Stonefield Creation team, is extremely versatile in nature. With specific formulations, WOW Coffee can create a range of varied coffee flavours like Filter Coffee, Mochaccino, Macchiato, Irish Coffee, Affogato, etc.

Stonefield Flavours is one of the very few flavour manufacturing companies that has a women-led workforce. Even when flavours and fragrances industry are heavily criticized for being male dominated, the Stonefield management always ensures women get equal opportunity at all levels. Thus, most of the departments in the company are headed by women.

Stonefield wishes to make a statement on the global platform by taking a cue from the world of food and flavours through this latest initiative. No two women are alike, so are coffee. Call her Sanskari bahu or bossy lady or social bee, call it filter coffee or Americano or Capuccino… no title can fully describe the signatory uniqueness of a woman, nor coffee. Just as coffee has several layers to it, each woman can have several dimensions to her personality which is often overlooked in stereotypes. WOW Coffee flavour was created by combining varied dynamic characteristics of coffee. 

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Coffee is one of the most preferred flavours by women consumers in India. Statistics show more than 60% of consumers of leading coffee chains of the country are women. Since historic times women have also played a very important role in the coffee supply chain. From pickers and producers to baristas and roasters, women contribute to every stage of coffee processing, yet they are highly underrepresented in the larger scheme of things. Coffee is becoming a symbol of ‘independence’, ‘social justice’ and ‘fostering of love’ for Indian women. 

Speaking on occasion, Ms Neena Tom, Technical Director, Stonefield Flavours, added, “A flavour is a celebration of different taste elements. Quite often women are tutored to behave in a certain way in professional, personal, and social circles. Not often do we realize; somewhere a woman loses her own originality in all this social conditioning. WOW Coffee is a flavour that captures all the wide and varied characteristics coffee brings, without compromising its authenticity.”

“Just like they say men are from Mars and women from Venus, it will be imprudent to make a stereotypical statement that women love lattes while men prefer espressos. A growing number of women, millennials and gen Z alike prefer espressos and dark filter coffees. It is important for brands realize the changing taste preferences of individual consumer groups to stay ahead of the competition. At Stonefield, we always ensure our customers stay on top of what will define the future of taste,” said Ms Keerthy Pathur, Marketing Lead, Stonefield Flavours. 

WOW Coffee is a Nature Identical flavour that can work exceptionally well in a range of applications, including Milkshakes, Cakes, Cookies, Ice Creams, Syrups, Liquers and more. The Chief Executive Officer of Stonefield Flavours, Mr Sandeep Devgan said, “At Stonefield, we always stand for inspiring change and delighting lives. This International Women’s Day, we hope to bring a change in society’s attitude towards generalizing women’s preferences and personalities. WOW Coffee is only an attempt to capture the vividness of women’s distinctive personas, but nothing can truly capture her magic and effervescence. We wish all the women of the world, a very happy Women’s Day.”