‘International Ambassador Meet 2024’ served as a catalyst for forging meaningful partnerships and alliances to drive economic growth and sustainable development.

New Delhi (India), February 24:  The World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) organized the prestigious International Ambassador Meet 2024 on Friday, 23rd February 2024, in New Delhi. The event served as a platform for global leaders, diplomats, and experts to converge and deliberate on the theme, ‘Unlocking Opportunities: The WASME International Ambassador Meet 2024 – Africa: The Gateway for Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East.’

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, graced by esteemed dignitaries: H. E. Mr. Demeke Atnafu Ambulo, Ambassador, Embassy of Ethiopia; Shri Bivash Ranjan, IFS, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India; Dr. Sanjiv Layek, Executive Secretary, WASME; Er. Ramesh Kumar, Senior Advisor, WASME; Mr. Rony Banerjee, Advisory Council Member, WASME; and Mr. Shubham Sharma, Advisor, WASME.

Dr. Sanjiv Layek, Executive Secretary of WASME, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and participants. In his opening remarks, he emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in unlocking the vast potential that exists between continents. “The theme of this year’s meet underscores the critical role Africa plays as a gateway for fostering economic synergies across Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. It is imperative that we explore avenues for mutual growth and prosperity,” remarked Dr. Layek.

The event featured insightful panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at fostering dialogue and cooperation among nations. One of the prominent panel discussions revolved around the topic ‘Exploring Business Opportunities and Collaborations for Indian MSMEs in Africa.’ During this session, Mr. Ashok Narayanan, Director of International Business at Agribid Dubai, shared his perspectives on the potential for Indian MSMEs in the African market. “Africa presents a plethora of opportunities for Indian MSMEs, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, technology, and healthcare. By forging strategic partnerships and leveraging local expertise, Indian businesses can tap into this burgeoning market,” remarked Mr. Narayanan.

Mr. Ashok Narayanan, Director of International Business, Agribid Dubai at ‘International Ambassador Meet 2024’

The International Ambassador Meet 2024 served as a catalyst for forging meaningful partnerships and alliances to drive economic growth and sustainable development. Participants hailed from diverse backgrounds, including government agencies, international organizations, academia, and the private sector, reflecting the event’s inclusive and collaborative ethos.

As the curtains drew on the successful event, participants expressed optimism about the prospects of deeper engagement and cooperation between regions. The resounding message resonated throughout the proceedings: by embracing openness, innovation, and collaboration, nations can unlock new pathways for inclusive and equitable development.

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