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Strategies for successful 2023 by Gaurav Bhagat Academy

December 05: One of Asia’s leading sales training and business mentorship academies, the Gaurav Bhagat Academy, organized a one-day workshop, “Rule 2023”, in which key deliberations were made on chalk out a plan to get off to a strong start of the year. The program focused on goal-setting, developing the base plan of everlasting success, and other strategic planning to succeed in 2023, along with reviewing the year gone by and amplifying what went wrong during it and avoiding repeating it.

“As one of the prestigious academies for self-motivation and professional guidance, Gaurav Bhagat Academy strives to assist several businesses in overcoming their difficulties and obstacles. The workshop on strategizing the roadmap for 2023 is aimed at encouraging business leaders and working professionals to further seek more success in the coming year,” noted eminent motivational speaker and business coach Gaurav Bhagat.

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The motivational event was organized at the Gaurav Bhagat Academy’s centre in Noida amidst the august presence of a host of business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals, companies, marketers, self-employed individuals, graduates, and sales experts. Discussions and deliberations at the event encircled the challenges of 2021 and 2022 and the opportunities ahead in the new year. The workshop participants got enriched with guidance on leaving behind unpleasant business experiences from the past and buckle up to get off to a strong start of 2023.

The workshop was divided into three sessions and concluded with a award-giving ceremony. Commenting on the relevance of the workshop and its impact, the founder of the Academy, Gaurav Bhagat, stated, “The disruptions of the pandemic had an overall impact on almost all facets of life and profession, making the recent years challenging for all. However, we can leverage the opportunity to learn from the mistake of the past and plan to make 2023 a grandly successful year. The Rule 2023 workshop was a major platform for sharing ideas and networking, through which we can plan for a better future together.”