Chennai: South Indian Bank, today in its 94th year, marks a milestone in its journey as it announces its new brand campaign, “Trust meets Tech since 1929.” The campaign is a nationwide multi-media campaign, commencing from March 14, 2023.

  • A campaign titled “Trust Meets Tech since 1929” to position the brand as a universal bank with best-in-class digital solutions and a strong legacy of trust.
  • Multimedia nationwide campaign uses the metaphor of sports car racing to communicate the bank’s strength of using state of art banking technology and blends it with its ethos of ‘Legacy and Trust.’

Through this novel campaign, the Bank aims to create PANIndia awareness of the brand South Indian Bank and communicate its inherent strengths of being a trustworthy, digital bank catering to all demographic profiles and reinforce its presence in strong markets by becoming the banker of choice.

This campaign aims to target the youth of India, which constitute around 34% of the country’s population. The last few years have seen India become the world’s largest millennial market, drawing attention from across the world to Indian millennials. India’s youth are at the forefront of driving social and cultural change and they play a key role in country’s economic growth.

Today’s consumers are hyper-connected and seek convenience, experience, simplicity, safety and speed in banking services. All of this is delivered using best-in-class technology. This, coupled with the legacy of trust, is where South Indian Bank gets a winning combination. It is this critical messaging that is being communicated by the film in a metaphoric way.

Excited about the new campaign, Ms. Azmat Habibulla, Chief Marketing Officer, South Indian Bank said, “At South Indian Bank, we wish to endear ourselves to India’s younger audiences and enable our loyal customers to embrace new technologies. We want to become the preferred banker to India’s youth on the back of our digital and tech-savvy operations and the trust our millions of customers and generations of families instilled in us over nine decades. Since we originated from India’s Southern parts, we are renowned across the region. We aspire to move beyond our traditional bastions and become more popular across India. Our PAN India brand campaign with a digital focus will center on our key attributes of trust and technology.’’

The multimedia campaign depicts vibrant visuals that allude to speed, victory, integrity and dominance. The imageryis bound to resonate with the young and old, who are known to value technology and propagate a sense of commitment.

The campaign will be released in multiple languages across India.

About South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank is a leading Kerala-based Private sector bank with a nationwide presence. The bank’s shares are listed on The Stock Exchange Mumbai (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., Mumbai (NSE). South Indian Bank has 928 branches, 1156 ATMs and 121 CDMs/CRMs across India and a representative office in Dubai, UAE. South Indian Bank is a pioneer in technology-based banking, offering an array of digital products and services. It has one of the youngest workforces in the banking sector in the country. The Bank’s Vision 2024 focuses on the 6 Cs — capital, CASA, cost-to-income, competency building, customer focus, and compliance.

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