New Delhi: Reliance Industries, led by Mukesh Ambani, is spearheading the development of an indigenous ChatGPT-style model named Hanooman. This endeavor, undertaken in collaboration with top engineering schools in India, marks a pivotal moment in the country’s pursuit of cutting-edge AI technology.

The initiative, known as BharatGPT, is a consortium comprising Reliance Industries and eight prestigious universities, with the aim of revolutionizing AI technology tailored specifically for India’s diverse linguistic and cultural landscape. At a recent technology conference in Mumbai, BharatGPT provided a glimpse of Hanooman’s capabilities, showcasing its proficiency in interacting with users across multiple Indian languages.

During the demonstration, a motorcycle mechanic conversed with the AI bot in Tamil, highlighting the model’s accessibility to regional languages. Similarly, a banker engaged with the AI tool in Hindi, showcasing its versatility, while a developer utilized Hanooman to write computer code, underscoring its potential applications across various sectors.

Hanooman, named after the revered Hindu deity Hanuman, is poised to become a game-changer in India’s AI ecosystem. Designed to operate in 11 local languages, the model is slated to address critical sectors such as healthcare, governance, financial services, and education. This initiative aligns with Reliance Industries’ broader vision of leveraging AI technology to empower and uplift communities across the nation.

Notably, Hanooman will also incorporate speech-to-text capabilities, enhancing its accessibility for millions of individuals who may face challenges with reading and writing. This feature underscores BharatGPT’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that the benefits of AI technology are accessible to all segments of society.

Reliance Jio, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, will play a pivotal role in deploying Hanooman across its vast network of approximately 450 million subscribers. Additionally, the conglomerate is actively developing Jio Brain, a platform aimed at harnessing AI capabilities to enhance user experiences and drive innovation across various sectors.

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