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Release of Guardian+ Red Light Therapy Device!

Montana, May 26: Red light therapy has existed for quite some time but has become more common in recent years, with consumers learning more about the benefits that come with it. The red light boosts the mitochondria to improve cellular energy, resulting in an endless list of health benefits from a natural, non-invasive and effective treatment.

While most red light therapy products target the face and body for cell rejuvenation, Dr. Mike Belkowski looks forward to releasing his latest BioLight device, the Guardian+. It’s the first of its kind product consisting of patent-pending technology that allows users to safely and effectively whiten teeth while maintaining healthier teeth and gums. There is currently nothing else on the market that utilizes a combination of red light therapy and blue light LEDs for oral wellness.

“The Guardian+ takes oral health to a new level. It’s an easy-to-use device that individuals can conveniently fit inside the mouth, where it will provide full coverage of the teeth and gums. The blue light LEDs are at the top of the device, with the red and near-infrared lights at the bottom. Users can rotate the device 180 degrees to treat different areas, switching the coloured lights from the top of the mouth to the bottom,” says Dr. Mike Belkowski. “In addition, users can choose from different light settings at their convenience, whether they want to use blue light only, RLT only, or a combination of both. It provides a more custom-tailored experience for people interested in taking better care of their teeth.”

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While carefully designed to promote oral health and wellness, the combination of blue and red light pairs ideally provides the best possible outcome for consumers who regularly use the device. “The blue light helps with the whitening process and kills bad bacteria to boost gum health. It targets harmful bacteria on the spot, leaving only the good bacteria behind to keep your teeth and gums in better condition,” shares Dr. Mike Belkowski. “On the other hand, the red light improves gum health, helps reduce gum pain, and fights inflammation to prevent issues, such as gingivitis, from developing when added to your daily oral care routine.”

Although you can brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash, nothing quite targets your teeth and gums at the cellular level as light does. It’s why Dr. Mike Belkowski developed the Guardian+ to help others improve their oral hygiene and prevent some of the most common, painful, and costly dental issues.

The Guardian+ is a waterproof device that comes with three 2-oz. Teeth Whitening Gel Pens contain a 36% concentration of carbamide peroxide to accelerate the whitening process without causing any unwanted tooth sensitivity. Combining the whitening gel with blue light and red light therapy makes it easier to get whiter, healthier teeth at home without costly visits to the dental office.

If you want to be the first to get your hand on the Guardian+, now is the perfect time to put in your pre-order. You can be the first of many to experience the incredible benefits of this revolutionary product developed to improve oral wellness.