New Delhi: Method Kalaghoda presents an art show filled with sensory experiences that will reshape your perception of the mind-body connection. “The Effection Experience” by Hansika Mangwani and it opens to the public on 23rd September and continues until 15th October. This show is a 15-minute (per individual) immersive biofeedback experience, harmonizing heart rhythms, breathing patterns, and emotions through cycles of light and sound. It dynamically responds to your heart’s rhythms, transforming them into captivating gradients of light and sound while also incorporating principles of colour psychology and emotional mapping to guide you toward self-discovery.

About ‘The Effection Experience’

Effection invites you to embark on a transformative expedition, rediscovering yourself and your environment through a fusion of sensory stimuli. This unique sensory experience acts as a mirror to your inner landscape, gently guiding you from your current state towards a harmonious state of coherence. In this journey, heart rhythms, breathing patterns, and emotions synchronize through meditative cycles of light and sound.

Guided by heart rate sensors, ‘The Effection Experience’ dynamically responds to the rhythms of your heart, transforming them into cascading gradients of light and enveloping sound. This immersive biofeedback encounter invites you to explore the intricate connections between your heart, breath, and emotions. Incorporating principles of colour psychology and emotional mapping, Effection serves as a lasting reminder of our profound interconnectedness, guiding us on a path toward enhanced well-being and self-discovery.

Join us in this shared realm of reflective presence, where technology seamlessly merges with introspection, and the convergence of heartbeats, breathing rhythms, light, and sound whisper a tale of rediscovery.

 Artist Note:

Raised in a culture that extolled the virtues of meditation and inner mindfulness, our artist, Hansika Mangwani, discovered the profound science behind this enigmatic experience during her time in Australia. Her journey has led to a revelation: the intricate bond linking the heart, breath, and emotion defines our individuality. States of ecstasy, joy, and wonder synchronize heart rhythms with inhalation and exhalation patterns, bringing the body to a state of harmony. Conversely, negative emotions disrupt this symphony, inducing discord within the rhythmic patterns.

Through Effection, Hansika invites you to tangibly encounter this interconnectedness, fostering a deep communion with your inner self and the nurturing world around you. 

 Artist Bio:

Hansika Mangwani is an emerging artist specializing in new media and mixed media art, currently based in Pune, India. Her creative inspiration draws from her cultural heritage and upbringing, seamlessly melding with scientific curiosity. Her artistic expressions harmonize light, sound, space, and time to illuminate the intricate subconscious dynamics within human physiological and emotional systems.

With a background in Virtual Reality, Hansika aims to harness the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies. Her objective is to use art as an innovative conduit for introspection and profound transformation.

About Method:

“The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn art introduced me to the Revolution!” – Albert Einstein

Method is an introspective and “extrospective” approach to art and the world in which it exists. Acknowledging that limitlessness is inherent to creativity, Method transcends predetermined outcomes, fostering collaboration and experimentation for the purpose of expression and discovery.

Method has three physical locations in Mumbai: Kala Ghoda, Bandra, and Juhu.

Date: 23rd September to 15th October. Except Monday and Tuesday.

 Time: 11am to 7:00pm

 Venue: Method Kalaghoda, 86, Nagindas Master Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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