New Delhi: At pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Gujarat’s Jamnagar, an intriguing encounter unfolded between Anant and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg alongside his wife Priscilla Chan, who was visibly fascinated by Anant’s opulent Richard Mille watch.

In a video shared online, Priscilla complimented Anant’s watch, saying it was really cool. Mark agreed, mentioning he had already told Anant how much he liked it. Priscilla asked who made the watch, and Anant said it was by a brand called Richard Mille. This made Priscilla think that maybe watches are cool after all, even though she never really wanted one before. She even joked that she might want a watch like that someday.

The party for Anant and Radhika has been talked about a lot because it was super fancy, with famous people and lots of amazing things happening.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan went to the party and had a chat with Anant Ambani about his Richard Mille watch, which Priscilla really liked.

In a video going around on social media, Mark and Priscilla talked to Anant about what they wanted to do at the party. While they were chatting, Priscilla noticed Anant’s watch and thought it was cool. She asked who made it, and Anant told her it was from a brand called Richard Mille.

This got Priscilla interested in watches, even though she never thought much about them before. She joked that she might want a watch like that someday.

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