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LivveHome to launch First-Ever Community Kitchen- Run & Operated Entirely by Transgender People in Pune

Pune, October 4: Coming November 2021Pune is all set to get its first-ever community kitchen staffed and operated entirely by transgender individuals.

A visit to Pune, Maharashtra’s cultural and historical centre, is incomplete without sampling the city’s many restaurants and hotels’ unique cuisines. And very soon, Livve is geared up to provide the first-ever community kitchen run and operated entirely by transgender people in Pune.

Social Stigma Endured By Transgender Community

Stigma and discrimination against the entire LGBTQ community in general and transgender people in particular still exist in India on a large scale, and this can have a severe impact on this community’s health and well-being. These negative ideas and behaviours can affect transgender communities’ physical and mental health.

To promote the health and well-being of transgender people, such impediments to mental and physical health must be addressed at several levels of society, including health care settings, workplaces, and schools. This entire scenario calls for an evident need to have measures and ways to address this concern.

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How It All Started?

When we quipped Josy Mathew, Founder and CEO of Livve, about how this whole thing started, he was quick to add-

“We have been working closely with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have been quite active with LGBTQ sections of society and assisting in their empowerment. The challenge has always been to find them a fixed revenue generating employment within the society in an acceptable method. A way in which they get the respect, income and pride they deserve and can live within the community as respected citizens of the country. It’s a long way ahead, but we believe this is a step towards the right place. The idea to open a community kitchen run and operated entirely by the transgender community was realized once we observed the enormous work that needs to be done in this area. It is just the beginning. We aim to create this inclusive space with Pune in November, Gurgaon, Noida in December, and finally Bangalore from January.”

Food For Thought to Help Transgender Community

The kitchen planned in Pune is all set to be operational by November 2021. It will provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a reasonable cost with in-dining and takeaway operations.

As a backchannel, livve will also provide access to its customers who live in around 600-700 apartments across the city through its website It would ideally give them the start they require to kickoff their venture with stability from the beginning.