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Lissun partnered with NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis centre network

All dialysis guests of NephroPlus across India will get mental and emotional support for living a better quality of life.

Gurugram, June 24: Lissun, an end-to-end solution in mental and emotional health, has announced its collaboration with NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis network, to provide complete solutions to its dialysis guests and caregivers for their mental and emotional well-being needs. 

Patients going through dialysis and those receiving kidney transplants often face stress connected to their illness and its impact on their lives. As a result of these stresses and other factors, patients may experience depression, anxiety, sexual problems, psychosis, problems in rehabilitation, etc. Caregivers, like patients, are likely to experience depression and anxiety symptoms due to the disruption in their lives. Therefore, this initiative will help these patients and their caregivers to live a better quality of life. This initiative will include one-on-one and group interventions by trained psychologists on issues such as sleep, pain management, stress relief, and mental well-being. Patients and caregivers will also be provided with online resources to assist and understand their wellness journey.

“Our vision is to solve Mental Health at scale in India and beyond. For this, our core focus is to integrate Mental Health with all aspects of life and, in particular, with larger physical health-focused mainstream health care. Therefore, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with NephroPlus, which shares our vision of the role of mental health in the larger healthcare system. With this initiative, we not only promise to address the mental and emotional concerns of patients and caregivers of NephroPlus, but we will also strive to build a community of well-minded people with NephroPlus to develop even better solutions for psycho-nephrology in India,” said Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Co-founder, of LISSUN.

“With our long experience in providing dialysis services to our guests, we have understood how important it is for our guests to be mentally strong to continue their treatments and live a better quality of life. Taking care of our guests’ mental and emotional well-being is an important step toward realizing our vision of enabling people on dialysis to lead long, happy and productive lives. We are glad to have Lissun’s professional and well-trained team on board, and we look forward to working closely with them,” said Kamal D Shah, Co-founder of NephroPlus.

Lissun, with the help of its tech-enabled platform, aims to reach patients and caregivers across all locations in India while also drawing people’s attention to this critical issue.