New Delhi: After a protracted interrogation at the ED’s Mumbai office, Naresh Goyal was brought into custody in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has detained Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal in connection with an alleged money laundering case involving Canara Bank that involves 538 crore rupees.

In a shocking change of events, an Emirates plane heading for Dubai was told to stop while taxiing for takeoff in Mumbai in May 2019. The pilot was instructed to return right away to the parking space without being given an explanation.

Naresh Goyal and his wife Anita were offloaded by immigration officials, the plane landed at the terminal because they were unable to exit the country.

The bank said that JIL’s forensic investigation revealed that it paid “related companies” 1,410.41 crore out of total commission expenses, diverting money from JIL.

According to the FIR, JIL covered the Goyal family’s personal expenses, including staff salaries, phone costs, and car payments.

The forensic analysis revealed that money was also stolen through Jet Lite (India) Ltd (JLL) through advance payments, investments, and later provisional writing-off.

JIL is accused of using loans, advances, and investments to transfer money intended for the subsidiary JLL.

Jet Airways ceased operations in 2019 after struggling financially and unable to pay suppliers. Following a successful offer during the corporate insolvency resolution procedure from June 20, 2019, until June 22, 2021, the Jalan-Kalrock consortium acquired the airline in October 2020. Jet Airways received an air operator’s certificate (AOC) from the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) in May of last year, allowing it to restart flight operations. Jet Airways’ resurrection plan, although receiving approval from the DGCA, has encountered a number of obstacles because of unpaid lender debts.

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