These companies efficiently manage parking facilities, offering convenience and peace of mind to drivers. They employ cutting-edge technology, including smart sensors and mobile apps, to optimize space utilization and enhance the overall parking experience. Moreover, car parking companies contribute to reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions by minimizing the time spent searching for parking spots.

Their commitment to safety, security, and customer satisfaction underscores their importance in ensuring smooth and hassle-free urban mobility for all.

1. Parkmate: You Drive, We Park 

ParkMate makes parking easy. We are a smartphone app that allows you to pay for your parking without having to use a pay machine or display a ticket on your windshield. Give your staff parking without the associated cost. No more collecting receipts, no need for reimbursement, or the long process of expense claims; ParkMate has the answer. Business Booking is the Web-based interface of the ParkMate Platform that can be easily utilized by hotels, gyms, retailers, doctors and many others that require pre-booked parking for their clients and customers.

2. Park+: Your Car App

This mission started to connect commuters to safe, secure and digitized parking spaces all across the country and has now expanded to become a safe space to cater to people’s car needs.Park+ wanted to make it easier for travellers to save time when searching for parking spaces at different spots in the country. But as we connected with our users, we identified the need to expand our horizon to cater to other car-related needs like insurance renewal, FASTag-related issues, challan payment, etc.

3. Park 360: Smart Parking Solutions 

Your Parking or general Mobility Experience in day-to-day life situations is Far from Ideal. We foresee it would only get worse with the Shrinking Parking Spaces & Ever Growing Number of Vehicles. They work with Smart Cities, Governments, corporations, Commercial Complexes(Malls, Hotels, etc.), Residential Communities, and essentially any Businesses or Entities to understand & design solutions which are specific to their use case.

PARK360 understand in some cases, having a staff or attended parking solutions is essential due to various factors like cost, physical constraint, nature of business, etc. Our attended solutions are made with utmost care so that it’s very easy to operate by staff, takes minimal time, and provides detailed analytical reports.

4. Parking Rhino

Customers and companies are served by the contemporary parking management firm ParkingRhino. Users seeking parking spots for their autos can access their B2C app. ParkingRhino’s B2B parking management platform makes it possible for parking contractors and companies to manage their parking by using a single POS mobile app at the points of vehicle entrance and departure. ParkingRhino’s simple design and respect for the parking operator enable it to digitize a parking place in less than 60 minutes. Boom barriers, CCTVs, parking sensors, and other forms of new or old parking equipment may all be incorporated using connections offered by the platform.

5. Aarshvi Security Systems

Offering consumers solutions and services is Aarshvi Security Systems PVT. LTD.’s long-term objective. The company has contracts to deliver specialist automated parking solutions, electronic security solutions, and fire alarm systems. They have a wealth of knowledge in this sector because of their strong and competent staff, who have more than 15 years of combined industry experience. Thanks to his leadership and vision to broaden services, the firm has the best-in-class products and staff to provide end-to-end solutions to corporate, industries, and retail. The firm is highly established in the market as a result of its unique solutions.

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