New Delhi: Gautam Solar, one of India’s Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturers, earned a new IP (Intellectual Property), “Tool for Bussing Process of Solar Panel,” against the design submitted by the company’s CEO, Mr. Gautam Mohanka. The design registration was granted by The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, affirming the tool’s innovative and unique features.

It is a defining achievement for the Indian Solar Module Manufacturing industry, which currently relies completely on Imported Chinese Machines for their production process. Gautam Solar has become the only Solar Manufacturer in India that has indigenized the production technology that goes inside the making of Solar Modules. This fits in with the vision of India becoming a Solar Module Manufacturing Powerhouse and putting India on the Solar Map globally.

The newly patented tool is poised to revolutionize the solar module manufacturing industry by enhancing panel production yield. Solar module manufacturers can now benefit from a host of advantages offered by this innovative tool. These advantages include a remarkable reduction of manual work by over 50%, doubling solar panel production capacity, and achieving these remarkable results at a fraction of the cost of an Automatic machine. Additionally, the tool minimizes warpage, breakage, and thermal stress in solar cells, effectively increasing the panel’s lifespan.

One of the key benefits of the tool is its ability to minimize human errors and significantly improve accuracy in the solar panel production process. Operating seamlessly within a temperature range of 300°C to 450°C, it provides precise control for soldering in harmony with solar panel assembly requirements. In addition, this tool boasts a unique junction configuration that ensures even thermal energy distribution, reducing stress on solar cells. It features a thermocouple probe for precise temperature control.

On this remarkable feat, Mr. Gautam Mohanka said, “Obtaining the patent design registration for the ‘Tool for Bussing Process of Solar Panel’ is a great development for the entire industry and positions us as a trendsetter in the solar industry. It’s a testament to our dedication to advanced manufacturing practices while aligning with the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Indian Solar Module Manufacturing ecosystem is largely dependent on China for procurement of machines and equipments and the investment in R&D in India is not nearly enough. Taken in that context, this innovation is all the more ground-breaking. It exemplifies our mission to create sustainable and high-quality solutions for the global solar energy sector.”

About Gautam Solar:

Gautam Solar is ranked among India’s Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturers (source: “RE Update Q2 2023”, August 2023). It has 25+ years of solar industry experience with 4 factories in Haridwar, India and its corporate office in New Delhi, India. The company is planning to expand its annual solar module manufacturing capacity to 2 GWp in the near future. Using the latest machines and technology, Gautam Solar’s solar panels are manufactured using First-hand top-line machines. It has multiple Patents & IPs registered in its name and is known for its technically superior and innovative solar modules.

Rahul Mehra

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