New Delhi (India), August 16: In a landscape where innovation and precision are the driving forces of industry, KR Autotech, founded by Jitin Sharma, stands as an exceptional manufacturer, shaping the metal products, tooling, and robotics sector in the Indian market. With a legacy of excellence spanning over two decades, the company has established itself as a leader, known for its solid foundation in development and manufacturing facilities.

From its inception in the year 2017, KR Autotech has consistently showcased a commitment to quality and innovation, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the realm of metal products, tooling, and robotics. The company’s resolute focus on research and development, bolstered by extensive domain expertise, has enabled them to pioneer cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and progress.

At the heart of KR Autotech’s mission lies an unwavering pursuit of excellence that touches every aspect of their operations. According to Jitin Sharma, the driving force behind the company’s vision, their dedication is centered around producing high-quality tooling, rod steering engine brackets, suspensions, brakes, and farm equipment, all intricately tied to the realms of automobiles and technology.

In a swiftly evolving world, innovation takes center stage, and this is precisely the realm where the KR team excels. Jitin Sharma asserts that their team’s collective endeavor is to not only meet but surpass industry expectations through continuous innovation.

KR Autotech has emerged as a leading manufacturer of diverse components, including Tooling, Weld cell, Stamping, BIW, Chassis, Engine, and EV battery mount brackets, Suspensions, Brakes, Tie rod, Steering, Precision, and coated parts, catering to sectors such as automotive, white goods, and farm equipment. Since its establishment, the company has forged a name for itself among the top suppliers of MIG/SPOT Welding Automation and Material Handling Automation in India.

The company’s extensive knowledge and experience in Industrial Automation have paved the way for the creation of cost-effective solutions that bridge the gap between innovation and practicality. With a clear vision to design and manufacture high tensile tooling, robotics cells capable of withstanding up to 1000MPa, as well as components like BIW, Chassis, Engine Brackets, Suspensions, Brake, and Tie Rod Steering for the automotive, white goods, and farm equipment sectors on a global scale, KR Autotech is propelling itself up the value addition chain, transforming into an integrated components manufacturer.

The design and development team at KR Autotech boasts expertise in a wide array of the latest software products, offering turnkey solutions for the entire product development process. From Design and Simulation to Line Balancing, Reverse Engineering, 3D Surface Modeling, Analysis, and Manufacturing, the team ensures a seamless progression from concept to realization.

Not content with just shaping the industrial landscape, KR Autotech aspires to contribute significantly to economic growth, improved quality of life, and societal advancement. The company’s dedication to advancement is reflected in its embrace of transformative technologies like Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing (3D printing), and big data analytics. These technologies, which have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, find a home within the walls of KR Autotech, driving them to new heights of innovation and progress.

As KR Autotech continues to evolve and push the boundaries of manufacturing, it is evident that their legacy of excellence, underpinned by a commitment to innovation, will continue to shape the metal products, tooling, and robotics landscape in India and beyond.

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