New Delhi: Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and a celebrated philanthropist has recently shared a captivating video from his visit to India. In this footage, Gates immerses himself in the local culture by indulging in a cup of chai. The video quickly gained traction, featuring Gates at a tea stall managed by the social media sensation Dolly Chaiwala.

In his Instagram post, Gates commended the innovative spirit prevalent in everyday life in India, stating, “In India, innovation is ubiquitous – even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!” The video commences with Gates politely requesting, “One chai, please,” from Dolly Chaiwala. The distinct method employed by the tea seller to brew the tea on his specialized cart is showcased, offering viewers a glimpse into the craftsmanship involved in creating this beloved beverage.

As Gates savours the steaming tea from a glass, he expresses his enthusiasm for being back in India, a country he fondly describes as a hub for remarkable innovators striving to revolutionize various aspects of life – even transforming the humble act of brewing tea into an art form.

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