In the fast-paced world of international trade, where opportunities and challenges abound, the role of a guiding platform for exporters is indispensable. Being Exporter, a leading advocate for export guidance and support, recently orchestrated a monumental national event in Surat, Gujarat. This event brought together exporters from across India, fostering connections among industry peers and offering a firsthand glimpse at the operations of a world-class port.

The event witnessed participation from more than 150 exporters representing 53 cities throughout India, spanning a comprehensive array of industries. With a laser focus on empowering exporters with vital insights, the event covered essential topics crucial for thriving in the export business. The event focused on providing the participating exporters with insights into effective goal setting, finalizing production strategies, identifying potential buyers, sales planning, navigating banking and funding avenues, and a host of other facets intrinsic to the export realm.

Bhagirath Goswami, the visionary founder of Being Exporter, accomplished exporters, and esteemed industry leaders, shared their strategies and experiences with the participants during the session. A noteworthy highlight of the day-long affair was an engaging panel discussion featuring self-made entrepreneurs who embarked on their export journeys from humble beginnings and have since ascended to the ranks of successful exporters. An interactive Q&A session provided a unique opportunity for participants to glean insights and wisdom from the speakers’.

Beyond the insightful discussions, attendees also had the unique opportunity to visit the Adani Port at Hazira, a sprawling maritime facility that ranks among the largest ports in the south Gujarat region. This visit proved to be an invaluable experience for the participants, as they saw material handling and other aspects of port operations up close. A presentation was also made to them by the port officials, further deepening their understanding of port operations and the import-export business.

Speaking about the event, Bhagirath Goswami, the founder of Being Exporter, emphasized, “Being Exporter is committed to nurturing and supporting exporters by equipping them with comprehensive knowledge and a 360-degree understanding of the field, thereby enabling their path to success. This is why our sessions invariably include theoretical learning as well as practical experiences. Such was the case during our momentous event in Surat, which marked a unique and substantial gathering of export-focused entrepreneurs and industry experts. Participants were not only privileged to learn from accomplished exporters but also granted the remarkable opportunity to gain firsthand experience of port operations, making it an exceptional and enlightening experience.”

Mr. Goswami reiterated the core objective of the day-long event: to empower entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and understanding essential for excelling in the field of exports. It also aimed to foster networking among exporters hailing from diverse corners of India, creating a collaborative environment conducive to growth and learning.

According to the participants, the event served as an eye-opener, deepening their comprehension of the export business and leaving an indelible mark on their professional journeys. Being Exporter, in its relentless pursuit of empowering exporters, organizes boot camps and other enriching events aimed at equipping exporters with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving global market.

To sum up, the Being Exporter national event in Surat exemplifies the platform’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth and prosperity within the export community. It not only brought together a diverse group of exporters from across India but also offered them invaluable insights, practical experiences, and a collaborative and learning atmosphere. As the export landscape continues to evolve, Being Exporter remains dedicated to guiding and supporting exporters on their path to success, ensuring they are well-equipped to negotiate the complexities of international trade as the export landscape evolves.

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