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Agritech Leads Connect Signed an MoU with ISF College of Pharmacy

Noida, May 19: Noida based Agri-tech company, Leads Connect Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, Punjab for development of an Intelligent Health Analytics platform. The collaboration between Leads Connect and ISF College of Pharmacy aims to develop an intelligent health analytics platform for monitoring, mitigating and forecasting biological disasters. This robust platform will help in improving the quality of health services. It further may be useful in identifying the aspects of health infrastructures where improvement is needed to make it more resilient and robust. Epidemiological analytics can be significant in mitigating the risks of biological disasters. Therefore, this collaboration is expected to yield relevant results in the context of practical and scientific relevance.

Speaking on signing the MoU, Navneet Ravikar, Chairman & Managing Director, Leads Connect highlighted the significance of this agreement. COVID-19 pandemic alarmed the human race that it is now high time to brace ourselves for countering the risks of biological disasters. Moreover, there is now enough literature available suggesting that climate change may also have a paramount role in increasing the cases of infectious diseases across the globe. It is now therefore necessary to work on measures for addressing the challenges of biological disasters. This agreement is a firm step in this direction and we aim to come up with a solution which benefits humankind.

Talking about the collaboration, Head cum Director, Prof. (Dr.) G.D Gupta, ISF College of Pharmacy said, “We are very delighted to announce that our college, ISF College of Pharmacy has signed an agreement with agritech Leads Connect Services to develop an intelligent health analytics platform for monitoring, mitigating & forecasting biological disasters. Research scholars of ISF College of Pharmacy can play a significant role  in validating the accuracy of findings  and assess the utility of health insights in improving public health management.”

Leads Connect is already working in collaboration with national and international institutions and organizations such as Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, Ranchi and AIR Institute-DeepTech Lab, Spain for performing research & development activities. The company has also taken analytical initiatives such as Northeast India and Jharkhand initiatives pertaining to investigating climate change and environmental sustainability.