New Delhi (India), September 26: Generations have cherished the fragrance and company of Hari Darshan products in their moment of positivity, prayer and peace.

Over the last few decades, Hari Darshan has emerged as one of the largest and most preferred brands in incense products like Dhoop, Agarbathi, Puja, Spiritual and wellness products.

Hari Darshan excels in a product that has a history and cultural relevance of thousands of years and still being one of the first to be used across homes and workplaces. By understanding consumer needs, offering consistent quality, innovative concepts and the widest assortment of devotional and wellness products, Hari Darshan has earned consumer preference, affection and accolades.

The brand is one of those rare brands that are preferred by both centurions to millennials.
Today Hari Darshan is the most loved brand in the industry because they have been able to craft unique products for each of these sets of buyers.

Hari Darshan takes pride in manufacturing the widest range of devotional, spiritual and meditation products like;

  • Dhoop (Incense Paste)
  • Agarbathi (Incense Sticks)
  • HawanSamagri
  • Chandan Tika
  • Kalawa
  • Gulab Jal
  • Puja Diya Oil
  • Camphor

Everything that is needed for that moment of prayer, bliss and positivity is manufactured with pride and passion by Hari Darshan.

Today the brand Hari Darshan is loved and admired for not just manufacturing these pure & auspicious products but also serving the devotion of millions of households.

Mr. Goldy Nagdev, who is the Managing Director, in his own words, is an entrepreneur, Observer, Thinker, Learner, Traveler, and Motorsports Fanatic.

Even though he is at the helm of a legendary consumer brand, Hari Darshan, his energy, enthusiasm & ability to take initiatives for the industry are commendable, especially his constant motivation and guidance to young & new entrepreneurs.

Goldy Nagdev firmly believes in doing mutual, long term and, most importantly, ethical business. Mr Nagdev vehemently believes that value is built with the passage of time and with consistent efforts. In his view, a business is about value creation, and a brand is about value addition.

He also believes in a collaborative and inclusive approach to business. Employees and channel Partners need to sync with the vision of the company. They need to be a part of the decision-making and the journey. He believes ownership of responsibilities must be matched with sharing of success and growth for all involved.

Hari Darshan’s entire range is now available for purchase at, Hari Darshan retail stores, and online marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Big Basket, Blink It, and Milk Basket).

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