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Find the meaning of life through Prashant Kumar Jha’s newly released book ‘Scarlet Lines’

November 30: Under Clever Fox Publishing, Renowned Author Prashant Kumar Jha releases his new book ‘Scarlet Lines.’ This novel takes the reader on a wild voyage through existential questions and mystery while describing the few days a cocaine addict spends bingeing on the substance without eating or sleeping. He uses his mental illness as a tool to experiment with the uncharted territories of his mind. With the aid of a girl he meets at a drug party, he conjures up complex philosophical notions concerning the purpose of life. They get along well, have enlightening discussions, and she even forces him to eat.

The book’s author, Prashant Kumar Jha, was born in a small town in the Indian state of Bihar. He moved to the US to continue his studies in physics after finishing high school. There, he became aware of his severe mental health problems and began using medicines to treat them. He left the country to be with his family while suffering from a severe cocaine addiction and even entered treatment. He chose to finish his studies in The Netherlands after things began to look up again. However, he soon realized he lacked the mental capacity to carry out life’s most fundamental activities, such as arriving at a meeting on time. He left the institution and began to document his experiences in writing.

Because the world is never “normal” when seen through the eyes of a drug addict, it is rather challenging for the narrative to successfully depict the world as the protagonist perceives it. Although the author never explicitly warns the reader about the dangers of drug use, the novel itself serves as a reminder of the effects of substance misuse.

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Sharing about his book, Author Prashant Kumar Jha said, “Through this book, I have tried to portray how addict defines meaningful life as causing pain to self and death as the most pleasurable activity. Unfortunately, this is the real plight through which drug addicts pass through. And, I hope people will read and understand the meaning of life through this story.”

The book leaves readers with questions like, What purpose does life serve? Every living thing on Earth is considered to have a purpose, isn’t that right? At some point in our adult lives, most of us have considered these concerns and perhaps even sought to find an answer. The main character in Scarlet Lines is no different. These thoughts plague him, and he decides to search for the purpose of life, the solutions, and the purest kind of enjoyment available to him.

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